Saturday, September 8, 2018

Season 5: The Svajone Family

Svajone Family
Tanner Svajone: Male Adult | Pleasure | Taurus | Become Game Designer
Meadow Thayer: Female Adult | Family | Aquarius | Becomes Captian Hero

Last Round: These two returned from college and had a wedding ceremony to tie the knot. They found jobs, Tanner in his chosen career, Meadow went into Education for now. The couple went on a honeymoon to the islands and had a good time, and Meadow came back home pregnant.

(Editor's Note: This family also had a "glitch" of a kind in Meadow's pregnancy.  The baby would not come.  So we spent the first couple of days waiting for the baby until I finally did a de-bug on Meadow and then the baby came without issue.  I'm not sure where these problems have suddenly cropped up from but I'm hoping the hood isn't headed for disaster.)

We join the couple playing some chess at the start of the season.  Meadow is very pregnant as we left her at the end of the last round.  I also realize that I put Meadow into the Education career instead of Law Enforcement, so she beings looking for a job in that field.

Jaiden comes over one day and her and Meadow talk about all kinds of things.  Meadow was still in uni when Jaiden started, and they were in the greek house together for a while.  With Jaiden preparing to get married this round I'm sure she and Meadow have a lot to talk about.

Late one-night tragedy struck!  There was a burglar.  I noticed him right away and was able to wake Tanner up to call the cops.  The police came and won the fight against the criminal, but he had gotten away with the piano, tv, and one of the couples gold doubloons from their honeymoon.

Finally after debugging her Meadow goes into labor and we finally get to see what the young couple will have.  There is only one baby, and it's a baby boy.  He gets the Nameberry popular name #70 from 2017, Lucas.  Welcome, Lucas Svajone!!!

The couple hires a nanny and they make sure to tip her well.  She does manage to feed the baby and only 1 or 2 bottles per feeding.  She does leave him with a dirty diaper for a good portion of the day and lays him down on the floor, but then immediately picked him up and put him back in his crib.  So I guess, she isn't the worst sim nanny ever?

Before we know it it is time for Lucus to have a birthday.  A ton of people are invited over to celebrate with the family, although Tanner had to work so he was unable to attend.

 Meadow brings baby Lucus to the cake, and sadly, nothing happens.  Standard birthday cake glitch.  The baby's diaper was dirty, so after a quick change we try again and this time baby Lucus grows up into a toddler.  He is an Aquarius who is middle of the road neat and outgoing.  Decently playful and nice but fairly lazy.  It was a good thing Meadow isn't a pop sim because the party ended up a disaster due to the cake glitch, but everyone is happy all the same.

Life returns basically to normal for the young couple.  They study their needed skills for promotions, and the baby plays with his rabbit head.

Tanner takes some time one day towards the end of spring to play with Lucus and read him a story.  Lucas was very happy to have his dad spend so much time with him.

Meadow, as you can see, did find a job in her chosen field, and comes home promoted and with a friend.  Tanner entertains the friend while Meadow spends some time with her son, and teaches him a nursery rhyme. Mother and child become best friends because of this.  Shortly after Tanner finishes up potty training as well.

Previous Points: +77
New Sim (Lucus): +1


Season 5: The Morpheus Family

Morpheus Family
Mac Morpheus: Male Elder | Pleasure | Leo | Have 50 Dream Dates
Destinee Morpheus: Female Elder | Romance | Scorpio | Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers
Annabelle Morpheus: Female Elder | Romance | Pisces | Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers
Heaven Morpheus: Female Elder | Romance | Taurus | WooHoo with 20 Different Sims

Last Round: Destinee and Mac dated a lot in an attempt to have Mac reach his LTW. Arnav brought Opal home from school and started a relationship with her.  He left for college at the end of the round, taking Opal with him. Heaven and Annabelle studied and dated some, and the family went to the lake.

We are in a new season for Clovercrest and that means we are back with the founding Morpheus family.  At the moment this group of elders are empty nesters.  Arnav, who was determined to be the heir, is off in college.  You can see his exploits in the university updates. He will be back next round, and in the meantime, we have these romance and pleasure sims. The hot tub is used frequently in this house and Annabelle and Heaven relax while a gypsy lady doesn't bring us anything

(Editor's Note: We had some strange troubles with this hood.  I sincerely hope we are not headed for disaster and it was just some strangeness of having to reinstall the game, but none of the couples had BFF options (like Inside Joke) and checking on their files in SimPE (which I didn't edit, just looked at) they didn't appear to have BFF status with each other.  I ran the hoodchecker on it, and when I loaded again things were normal, but neither couple were BFF's with each or have regained that relationship yet. I have not noticed that elsewhere in either this hood or others, but some other strangeness happened later in this hood.  So here's hoping it's not preparing to explode already.) 

We are still working towards Mac's LTW, however, I believe we had 8 or 9 left to get, so Mac and Destinee head to a community lot for some dating. They talk for awhile outside, then go take some pictures with each other.  They also utilize the photo booth for more....adventurous prospects as well.

No sooner do the two get out of the photobooth but they start making out as well.  Over the course of a short period of time at the mall, the couple manages two dream dates, and one ends with some fun in the elevator.

After getting a couple of dates the couple decides to have some other fun at the mall.  They bowl for a bit and meet some of the Mimoza clan.  They also both try out the dance spheres.  Destinee didn't do as well as Mac, but I believe she tried it on a harder setting as well.

Back and home, the other couple is still here as well.  Annabelle, due to a chance card, got fired from her job.  She was a bit sad about it, but also kind of glad at the same time. She then had something else happen to her that I cannot remember at the moment, but it wasn't positive.  So her wife, Heaven, cuddled her in the hot tub to try and make everything better.

Back out in some community lots Mac and Destinee sing some karaoke duet and did some more bowling and talking. These two tend to hang out and do things with each other, even if not directed.  Other sims have to come interact with them if they want to.

Destinee wanted to get new clothes at some point, and while she didn't end up buying this outfit it was the perfect excuse to have a little fun in the fitting rooms.

Off to another community lot and this one has a large game of basketball underway already.  I loved that such a large group of sims were on the lot.  Slightly away from the game Mac and Destinee talked a little with Jaiden, who is soon to marry their eldest grandson, and had another date.

Back at home, one more date was had and Mac has done it.  He and Destinee have reached his LTW of 50 Dream Dates.  Not only is that the reach a CAS LTW, but that is also the impossible want for Pleasure sims, which Mac is.

The elders pretty much control themselves at this point, although sometimes they are directed.  Heaven, for instance, went shopping for some more food.  These guys love to cook but don't eat many leftovers.

As I mentioned, in the beginning, the hot tub is a favorite for all 4 of them, but here 3  of them spend some time with a new friend.  I do not remember her name, but I believe it is one of the adoption pool parents (before playing here I made multi-generational kids that ended up in the adoption pool and the parents became townies to add some variety.)

Destinee gets invited to the games hobby lot after playing chess for many hours.  This became her favorite activity.  No one usually joined her, it was just her practicing over and over again.

Heaven, unfortunately, ended up demoted at work due to a bad chance card.  The stupid things can really be annoying at times. Still, she brought a co-worker home and Annabelle cheered her up shortly after.

We end this season with Destinee really wanting to win a dance competition.  The wish would not roll away and Mac took them all to the hobby lot and have a couple of tries she won, and was very happy.

Previous Points: +57
CAS LTW (Mac): +10
CAS IW (Mac): +10
NEW SCORE: 77 points

Monday, June 4, 2018

Season 4: End of Round

End of Round 4
After a very long time, round 4 is finally over.  Not being able to play for awhile did not help any, and then I got a little stuck in university for a bit, but we have come to the end.  I am trying to jump between my hoods a little more so I don't get too bored, so hopefully, more updates will come soon. We have added some new sims this round, and Eugene and Jaiden are moving back to the hood after uni so we will see them next round. Somehow, and maybe she starts this way, Allegra is down around a 3.3 for grades, and Tosha barely missed an A+ during her final semester of freshman year.  I was not happy to realize she just needed one more assignment done, but it's fine.

It's been a fun group of sims to play.  We will see what happens when we head back to the families for round 5.  I'm excited to see what Jaiden and Eugene do.  With Jaiden wanting to raise puppies and Eugene wanting to see 6 kids get married they will have a very busy house.  I hope you will come back and join us for round 5 in Clovercrest.

Updating the fun facts from the hood:

Female/Male make up of hood:
Female Sims Alive: 15
Female Sims Ever: 15
Male Sims Alive: 14
Male Sims Ever: 14

Aspiration Count
Romance Sims to Date: 4
Pleasure Sims to Date: 3
Knowledge Sims to Date: 7
Popularity Sims to Date: 4
Family Sims to Date: 4
Fortune Sims: 4

Points Breakdown:
Number of Sims Total: 29 (29 points)
Top of Influence Total: 7 sims (Tosha, Darin, Eugene, Tanner, Meadow, Arnav, Jaiden) (7 points)
Neighborhood Net Worth: $204,928 (3 points)
Summa Cum Laude: (Meadow, Darin, Tanner, Eugene, Jaiden) (5 points)
Big Sim on Campus (Meadow, Darin, Tanner, Tosha, Eugene, Arnav, Jaiden) (7 points)
Individual Hobby Plaques (Elyse, Tanner, Mac, Joyce, Zaria, Eugene) (6 points)
Custom Subhoods: (Downtown, Shopping district) (10 points)
Sims pledge to Var-Orshea-Fruhum: (100% so far) (12 points) -- Technically finishing bonus
Secret Society Inductions (100% so far) (25 points) -- Technically finishing bonus
Total Score: 104 points (if adding in the finishing bonuses)

University Season 3.5

Var-Oresha-Fruhm Greek House
Eugene Morpheus: Male YA | Family | Pisces | Marry off 6 Kids
Jaiden Phillppine: Female YA | Family | Aquarius | Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens
Arnav Morpheus: Male YA | Popularity | Aquarius | Become Celebrity Chef
Opal Raymond: Female YA | Fortune | Capricorn | Become Criminal Mastermind
Zaria Yerazig: Female YA | Fortune | Virgo | Become The Law
Ash Shaikh: Male YA | Fortune | Gemini | Become Chief of Staff

Last Time: A new batch of students showed up to university, initially starting in dorms we joined Arnav, Opal, and Zaria.  They joined the Greek House and moved there after their first semester was over.  Zaria met Ash and after he eventually was able to join the Greek House he also moved in.  Meanwhile, in the dorms, the 3 Mimoza brothers, Frankie, Brennan, and Marvin all found love interests, Tosha, Allegra, and Hunter, and they all moved into the Sim State Dorms together.  Eugene got a hobby plaque, Jaiden made BSOC and the students all did well in school.

We have reached the final "house" for this round in coming back to uni for the second half.  We will start in the Greek House where we have two who will be graduating, Eugene and Jaiden.  The kids spend lots of time on the phone trying to make friends.  You can see the coach in the background wanting Arnav to work out.

After working out Arnav makes best friend with his brother's intended, Jaiden.  We also see one of the Mimoza triplets, Marvin, is visiting the Greek House. He actually managed to join the house during the last trip to uni.

The students are somewhat left to their own devices, although I do direct a fair amount when it comes to talking on the phone and keeping up with school work.  However, when left alone, they frequently will sit down to meals in at least a partial group, or work on their individual hobbies.

Arnav becomes another inductee into the Secret Society on campus.  First, they came late at night and put him into a limo and then he got his jacket.  He did not stay around very long before heading home.

Back at the house Eugene and Jaiden spend a lot of time together doing romantic type actions.  They are very much in love.  Marvin Mimoza is over at the house once again and is busy studying.

Ash is very interested in sports and spends a fair amount of time at the net we put into the front yard.  He hasn't gained enough to get a plaque yet, but he is well on his way to getting it.

The garden is still at the house, and all of the students take turns taking care of it.  It is Jaiden's turn this time and she diligently weeds all of the plants.

The house is always very busy with students and other kids in and out.  Meal times are very popular, and with all of the produce the students have stocked, the food they make is always top notch and sparkly.

Someone, I believe it was Ash, was invited to an outing and so we went.  It turned out ok, and while there was so fun had it didn't do much to assist Ash in gaining additional friends.

Back at home, however, dating sprees can be seen frequently.  It's easy to keep your mood up in college when you have a significant other to date through it.  Marvin is, again, over at the house.  I find it funny all these pictures show Martin when his brother Brennan was there more often.

The students do not all have solid relationships and so I actually direct some hangout sessions to take place to try and help solidify their friendships.  We are also working towards those hobby plaques as well.

Even with all the produce, the students often times bring pizza back from campus.  This has to be one of the best features, in my opinion, of the greek houses.  The free food is great, and there are often 2 or 3 pizza boxes sitting around the house.

Late one afternoon I spied the gypsy lady sneaking into the backyard of the house. I do not believe I have ever seen her on a university lot and was somewhat surprised that she left a lamp.  It continued to sit on the back porch for now.

I was a little concerned about Ash.  He hopped on the bike and continued to pedal away.  He had a wish to get fit, and he was about as unfit as a sim can be.  In a single session, he built his fitness all the way up to fully fit. If only it was that easy in real life.

The kids are still working on friendships with each other and the other students in the university.  Some are grown up to best friends, and others we are just working on keeping up.  I did discover I had something affecting my relationships, they were dropping like 3 times a day, one right after the other.  So even if I leveled a relationship up into the 80's or 90's, the next day it would plummet into the 60's or 50's.  I was able to determine it had something to do with a sync timer that was in the downloads folder.  I removed it and the issue seemed to stop.

It is a greek house so, of course, toga parties are thrown from time to time and the students enjoy meeting so many other kids.  These parties are great for the relationships.

Do not think it is all fun and games, Arnav and Eugene sit down and work on their term papers.  I do not always have students write term papers, but when they get up to junior/senior year it is much easier to get the A+ if they are written.

Late one-night multiple students were up tending to the garden and decided to start fishing.  I had almost forgotten that this little pond was back here, so once a handful of fish was caught they moved on to other things.

Zaria and Ash are also very romantic together and autonomously went and looked at the clouds together.  I think it's cute they picked a spot right near Ash's net.

The Myshuno, or however that is spelled, game still gets a TON of use.  I love this item on greek house lots.  It is awesome for fun and a big draw during parties.  So many students participate.  This particular party it appears Hunter and a couple of the Mimoza brothers were in attendance.

As we were drawing to the end of this play session in the Greek House Arnav decided he wanted to go out with Opal.  They had gotten all dressed up, but then stayed in their outerwear the entire dinner. After a few mishaps, where they kept getting up and out of their chairs and sitting back down, Arnav pulls out a little black box and passes it over to Opal. She, of course, accepts.

Once everyone is back home it is time for more relationship building and more parties.  Allegra Gorey is over this time, she is one of the Mimoza brother's intended.  We also get a couple of students who are now able to visit the music hobby lot.

 Finally, it is time for Eugene to head back home.  He has successfully graduated Suma Cum Laude and has achieved just about everything possible in his time here.  His family is all invited over and some of his friends as well. He makes sure to spend time with each guest before taking his final picture with his brother, Arnav.

Right after Eugene graduates Jaiden also graduates and holds a party of her own.  She doesn't have any family since she was a townie before, so instead, she invites a lot of friends over.  She looks very smart in her cap and gown and the party is a big success.

Sim State Dormitory
Brennan Mimoza: Male YA| Knowledge | Gemini | Become Space Pirate
Frankie Mimoza: Male YA | Fortune | Scorpio | Become Criminal Mastermind

Marvin Mimoza: Male YA | Knowledge | Leo | Become Educational Minister
Tosha Pratt: Female YA | Knowledge | Virgo | Become World Class Ballet Dancer
Allegra Gorey: Female YA | Knowledge | Pisces | Become Space Pirate
Hunter Gray: Male YA | Knowledge | Pisces | Become Chief of Staff

Back in the dorms, we see two of the Mimoza brother's chatting away to friends.  None of these sims have many friends and it will take a lot of work to get them up into the BSOC range.

However, we also need to get everyone into the Greek House, so here we see Hunter working up his relationship with Zaria.  He doesn't make it his first time, leaving for class without realizing he needs a couple more points with one of the kids.  He reapplies once he is home and makes it without an issue.

Frankie, the one brother who did not make it last time we played these guys calls and gets in as soon as the students show up.

Martin is "abducted" by the secret society and is asked to join the group. He is the first of this group of students to join and has made it based on all of the time he spent making friends over at the greek house during our playtime with them.

A while ago I added a gate into the cow plant.  Typically I have my inductee feed the cow plant when they show up, however, the cow plant had not been fed for a while and this student, Addison something, decided to be lured by the cow plant. He is unceremoniously eaten and everyone at the SS is very sad.

Allegra becomes the next student to make it into the Greek House and doesn't have a problem getting all the needed points to get in on her first try.

The students do spend time talking with each other and the other dormies.  Lots of friends need to be made in order to get those precious points.

Brennan, who has been in the background a bit, gets invited on an outing by one of his best friends.  His dad is a part of the group, which is very eclectic, having both Dora Ottomans on one end and Marsha Bruenig on the other.

Tohsa, the only student who has not made it into the Greek House yet, invites over the group.  She is the only student who did not visit the house during our playtime with them.  As such she has no relationship with any of the students.  As expected she does not make it this first time, but she does succeed in meeting everyone and building up some relationship with all of them.

With his brother in, and probably due to the amount of time he also spent at the Greek House, Brennan becomes the next SS inductee.  The cow plant is full, and not interested in eating anyone else now.

In the dorms, we realize many of the playable students have very low relationships with each other.  So a hangout session is had in the hall.

During the hangout session, Hunter Gray is requested to come with the man in the fancy suit and led out to a limo.  He is taken back to the SS house and becomes inductee number 3 for this dorm.

The dorm has also been fitted with a small garden in the side yard.  Just like in the Greek House, whichever student is available when the plants need tending is sent out to work on watering and weeding.

Allegra has become very interested in nature and decides to lead a hike of all the female residents, at least the ones who were home, of the dorm.  They come back with a gnome they found during the hike, and it was a good time for Allegra.

Allegra and Tosha have become much closer friends, and share breakfast together.  Frankie is also seen chatting up one of the other dorm mates over a bowl of cereal, I believe.

I look forward to moving some of these sims into the Greek House after this semester.  Brennan will likely be the first to move over, with his love, Tosha.  He has formed a great dislike of this dorm mate and they spend hours poking each other.

Not to be outdone by his brothers Frankie is inducted into the SS next.  That leaves only 2 students not in the SS for this playthrough.

Tosha tries the second time to get into the Greek House, and makes it without an issue.  I thought it was sort of funny all of the other members are dancing the hula in perfect unison behind her as she makes it.

During a dating session, we realize that Frankie and Hunter have only been in a crush state this entire time.  They have finally formed love and both start throwing wishes for each other left and right.

Tosha gets "kidnapped' during a dancing session in the dorm, and we all know what that means by now.  Another point as Tosha is inducted into the SS next.

In a funny turn of events, I have most of the students focus on homework.  Without any doing on my part all of the boys sit on the floor in the hallway to do their homework. In contrast, each of the girls, including a dormie girl, take their homework to the tables in the cafeteria and do their homework there.  There are lots of other chairs and tables in there so the boys COULD have done this.  I notice this phenomenon even when I'm not directing it within the dormies.  Girls almost always carry their homework to the tables, boys just sit on the floor where they are.

Brennan and this dorm mates relationship has fractured even further into enemies and a fight breaks out.  Unfortunately for Brennan, she wins and his brothers both see it happen.

We finally end this update with Allegra being the final sim to get inducted into the SS.  Each of these students is now a part of it and have been mostly successful.  Both Tosha and Allegra have fallen belove 4.0's, but are still doing well.

With that, we wrap up the final area for this round.  We will have a round summary coming up and then it's time to get back to the town and meet up with the families again.

Previous Points: +53
BSOC (Arnav) +1
TOI (Arnav) +1
Summa Cum Laude (Jaiden, Eugene) + 2