Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Season 3: The Mimoza Family

Mimoza Family
Bob Mimoza: Male Adult | Popularity | Aries | Have 20 Simultaneous Pet Best Friends
Tess Mimoza: Female Adult | Popularity | Leo | Become The Law
Todd Mimoza: Male Adult | Knowledge | Taurus | Become Criminal Mastermind
Brennan Mimoza: Male Teen| Knowledge | Gemini | Become Space Pirate
Frankie Mimoza: Male Teen | Fortune | Scorpio | Become Criminal Mastermind
Marvin Mimoza: Male Teen | Knowledge | Leo | Become Educational Minister

Last Time: The boys grew up into teens and Bob met a women he wants to fall in love with and get married to after having being set up on a blind date. Parties were had and all the adults finally had jobs. The kids had a snowball fight, and Tess and Todd spent some time together.

When the house begins Bob looks for a place of his own and moves across the street so he can start his own family. Then it's Friday night as we join the Mimoza's and the boys are headed to the rec center in town to hang out and hopefully meet some other teens.

Sadly, almost everyone there is an adult or elder, but the boys spend some time chatting with people.

Brennan and Frankie sit and play some chess while there.  They are the best of friends.

Later they join some people and watch something on the TV and talk some more.  The unsavory man is there, and while I've read about it happening, never saw a sim decline his offer until one of the boys.  I believe it was Brennan, but sadly I didn't get a picture and can't fully remember.

Back at home Tess is on the phone, as she often is being a pop sim, and the boys talk about what ever happened to this girl in the pink dress that their uncle used to like.

In the morning, most of the family gathers around the table to eat some pancakes.  Tess is very confident all the time, and has no problems with her boys seeing her in her underwear.

The family then heads down to the lake since it's Saturday.  There are quite a few people there that day.

Todd saw some butterflies and wanted to try and catch some.  I don't think he was ever actually successful.

Tess greeted, or was greeted by many of the men there.  She couldn't play chess, her usual place in the park, because some people had already taken over the table.

Frankie and Marvin (I think) spent some time talking just outside the gates to the park.  One of the townspeople was there and tried to engage them, but they were mostly in their own world.

Oh yes, this picture reminded me.  Brennan actually got left at home, because he was so busy writing in his journal to go along.  The family came home and he was in the same place.

Todd and Tess have found more time together now that their boys are grown.  They date much more often and spend time pillow fighting after getting home from the lake.

Both parents really want to know their boys, and be able to be friends.  This is especially true now that they are teens.

At least 2 of the boys wanted into private school, so Tess and Todd agreed to have him over and talk about it.  Marvin took the first crack at the headmaster when he arrived.

Brennan and Frankie on the other hand just played catch outside.  They both really like sports naturally, and so they try and participate in activities that would be sports related.

After the headmaster visited Tess wanted to throw a party.  The boys had gotten in without too much trouble, thanks to all the schmoozing everyone was able to do.

A huge dance party broke out in the living room.  The house is still not ideal for large parties like this, but they always make it work.

Tess knows how to throw a great party and everyone leaves feeling satisfied.  Bob had even come over.  He moved out the very beginning of the round, and currently lives in the house right across the street.

Todd and one of the boys decided to go to the gym in one of the neighboring areas.

While working out we remembered this isn't going to help them gain any body skill points, so we should head home and practice there.

Frankie, I think, studied up Physiology I believe, and is the first ever sim of mine to actually learn it.

All of the dating and reconnecting Tess and Todd have done seem to have left a possible surprise for Tess.

Sure enough she is pregnant as the bump now confirms.  Sadly she will be pregnant awhile as the baby won't be born until the first of next round.  Generation 2 is on it's way.

Tess uses her maternity leave time to catch up with friends on the phone.

The boys start bringing girls home on the bus with them as they get home from private school.  None of them are too interesting to the boys, but friends are good.  Tess keeps an eye out.

The boys look good in their uniforms and all are getting good grades.

Sadly, Brennan, who had managed to find an after school adventure job got demoted due to a bad chance card.  I really have no luck with these things in this hood.

The phone at home is always tied up, so Marvin (I believe) headed to the plaza.

It has a very pretty fountain that was going as he walked by.  The place was nearly empty this time of the night.

At the kiosk Marvin bought 3 cell phones.  Now all of the brothers will be able to call people while their mom is on the phone.

Frankie is having better luck with his job, and reaches the top of the teen career.  He is in his chosen field of criminal right now.  Having a dad in the business is good for quick promotions.

Marvin makes a gift of the cell phones to his brothers.  Everyone is very happy to have them.

Apparently Frankie is not getting any help from his dad for his job.  Todd came home demoted, I am pretty sure, after a poor chance card choice.  Hopefully he will be able to get back on track to reach the top soon.

The season is over, and the family is still struggling some, but money is beginning to come in more frequently.  This is good since the boys will head to uni next round, and the family will have a new baby to contend with.

Previous Points: +22


  1. While it's annoying it certainly is more realistic when the chance cards don't always favour the sim.
    Looks like a great round with outings and a party. Nice too that the majority of the house have career related LTW's.

    1. Yeah, everyone does actually, since I forgot to take Bob off. He started the round in the house though, so I guess it was ok. These guys are pretty fun and active. :)

  2. i usually press ignore for a chance card, but in my Segundo hood I play properly.

    1. Yeah, I try to always make a selection and a lot of the time I'm right but this hood seems to have the worst luck!

  3. I don't care about the hobby cards...but I like the chance cards. Especially when they bring in an infusion of cash.

    1. I don't mind either of them, but so far just about ever chance card choice I've made has resulted in a sim getting fired or demoted. It has been rough. I actually like the hobby ones sometimes, they add some fun things.