Sunday, January 24, 2016

Season 2: The Mimoza Family

Mimoza Family
Bob Mimoza: Male Adult | Popularity | Aries | Have 20 Simultaneous Pet Best Friends
Tess Mimoza: Female Adult | Popularity | Leo | Become The Law
Todd Mimoza: Male Adult | Knowledge | Taurus | Become Criminal Mastermind
Brennan Mimoza: Male Child | Gemini
Frankie Mimoza: Male Child | Scorpio
Marvin Mimoza: Male Child | Leo

Last Time: The family tried to keep up with triplet toddlers and everyone managed to survive.  The adults worked, or tried to find jobs and the kids grew up to children.  Then the family enjoyed a day at the lake.

The season starts on a Sunday and the family is studying or building friendships.  Last round Bob met a blonde woman at the lake that he was pretty attracted to and he's trying to build up a relationship with her.

Once the boys are up Bob reads to one of them.  One of the boys takes over the phone.  I can't imagine how this house will work if the boys don't get cell phones when they turn teens.

Someone, either Tess or Bob, wanted to throw a party.  Everyone on the list is invited since they don't know many people.  Most of them show up.

One of the boys plays with the blonde Bob likes and Tess talks with another girl from the neighborhood in their entrance to the kitchen living room.

Bob and Todd sit at the table eating with one of the boys.  I don't even really try and keep track as to which one is which at the moment.  I'm pretty sure that's Marvin though with green pj's.

All the boys sit with their dad and watch TV after school.  Every day Todd checks the paper for a job as a criminal.  You would think that would be more a go out and find it job, but in sims it's posted in the papers. So far though, the criminal world in the sims is not hiring.

One of the ladies at the party likes Bob and thinks she knows the perfect person for him.  He hasn't built up the relationship with the blonde to anything more than barely friends so why not.  In drops a vacation townie.

While they are starting their date the red head lady comes in an joins a smuttle party going on inside.  All the boys are into it.

Bob and this girl are really hitting it off.  By the end of the date they are at least crushing, if not in love.  That settles in, next round Bob will move into his own house and have this girl move in.

All three boys use the TV to build up a lot of fun.  The KidzTube is still the fastest way I've found for most kids to get fun quick.  There are other ways to build fun, but they seem to take longer to me.

With a bunch of snow on the ground, and everyone bringing friends home from school there is a large snowball fight in the side yard.  Everyone has fun.

As the season starts to wrap up that means it's time for birthday's again.  All three boys go their cakes while the family and a couple of friends cheer them on.

All the boys grow up well.  I even like the sweater they put...Marvin? in.  It suits him.  (Checks notes: Brennan is in the back with the green track suit, Frankie is in the red pj's and yes that is Marvin in the front.) 

Brennan in the back is a knowledge sim who want to become a space pirate.  He likes zombie girls in swimwear but not if they have black hair.

Frankie is a fortune sim, and regardless of the trouble his father has had wants to become a criminal mastermind.  He likes boys in cologne who have custom hair do's but not if they stink.

Finally Marvin is a knowledge sim as well, but he wants to become an educational minister.  He likes red haired werewolf girls, but not if they are creative.

Tess and Todd haven't decided if they really want any more kids.  We have instituted a flipping coin system that decides if they will try for a baby which is partially based on personality and desires.  They did try once, but no baby came to be.  They do love each other very much though.

With the boys as teens and Bob moving out next round there may be additional chances for another baby.  Three in one family so far is quite a few in this hood, but we do want it to grow.  Time will tell if that will happen.  So another season is done in the main hood, and now we head off to university.

Previous Points: +21
No new points this round.


  1. The teenager boys look handsome, and a variety of Ltw's too. University is one of the hardest things to do, well for me it is.

    1. I love the boys looks, Tess and Todd made very handsome boys. Uni is hard for me to get through long play sessions of, especially if they are lots of sims. 4 isn't too bad, and I haven't felt like this round has been too bad. I'm almost done with the second year of uni and will get it posted soon. Thanks for reading.

  2. Wow Uni...well what can I say. Can't say I enjoy it either...but the advantages certainly make it worth it.

    1. There are things is really like about uni, and yes the benefits are great. It just feels like it takes a really long time to get through. I still technically am fighting my way through Fellowship One's uni round....although that one got a bit more interesting. I'll blog it soon, although my focus is on this hood currently. :)

    2. Counting this new prosperity, I now have three plays I am doing in TS2, and I have a major play going in TS3, it isn't blogged. (100 Baby Challenge). That certainly is enough to keep me from getting tired of playing! Variety is the spice of life!

    3. Totally agree. I have 4 myself. Breeze Point and this one are my traditional prosperities. Then Megalahood the megahood with wishes play, and Fellowship One which I use ACR and InTeen and try to stay more hands off. It's a good way to give myself a break between different styles of play. :)

  3. Great round, I do love Sim parties. :)
    How long does a townie have to stay for when they move in? Can they just move out with a Sim the next round?

    1. Well she hasn't moved in yet. They have to stay for a certain amount of time that I can't remember off the top of my head right now. She won't move in until Bob has moved out to his own house though. That avoids that problem all together. Thanks for reading.