Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Season 1: The Mimoza Family

Mimoza Family
Bob Mimoza: Male Adult | Popularity | Aries | Have 20 Simultaneous Pet Best Friends
Tess Mimoza: Female Adult | Popularity | Leo | Become The Law
Todd Mimoza: Male Adult | Knowledge | Taurus | Become Criminal Mastermind
Brennan Mimoza: Male Toddler | Gemini
Frankie Mimoza: Male Toddler | Scorpio
Marvin Mimoza: Male Toddler | Leo

We have come to the final house of round 1.  This is also the first house that has adults who are raising their own kids.  This is also one of the more complicated houses with 3 adults and 3 toddlers.  They move into what looks like a nice 3 bedroom house.

This is Bob Mimoza.  He is Todd's brother and is here to help Tess and Todd with the triplets.

This is Todd Mimoza.  He is the father of the triplets and husband to Tess.

Here is Tess.  She was not really ready to be a mother of three....not that I'm sure anyone ever is.

Tess is holding Frankie Mimoza.  He has blue eyes like his mom.

 Here is a look at Brennan.  He also has blue eyes like his mom.  He also has her coloring more than Frankie.

Finally uncle Bob is holding little Marvin.  He has brown eyes like his dad and uncle.

This is a look at one of the last peaceful moments for the next few days.  The parents and uncle sit down and manage to teach all three kids to talk.  Then the layout of the house shows it's MAJOR flaws and we have toddlers everywhere, bottles everyone because they get blocked trying to get them to the toddlers, it's a mess.

I went in and re-did the internal part of the house with the little money they had left and made it better without wiping them out.  Tess and Todd spend the next morning talking about the kids.

Bob teaching one of the toddlers to walk.  Todd also managed to teach one to walk.  So all three talk and 2 walk, but no one ever gets potty trained or learns the nursery rhyme.  I don't even have any other pictures of the triplets at toddler age.  It was so hectic.

In the middle of being taught to walk Marvin grows up.  He does grow up well amazingly enough.

This is a pictures of Frankie right after he grows up.

In the exact same PJ's is Brennan.  I made note of hair styles so I could TRY and tell them apart.  Of course their skin tones are also different, but I wasn't looking that closely. None of the adults are happy, they have no fun and are tired and hungry, but everyone is alive.  Both Tess and Bob got jobs in the Law career, Todd hasn't found a job yet, so he stayed home and tried to manage the kids.

Dad and the kids have breakfast after everyone else leaves for work the next morning.  It's Friday and the only day the kids will go to school this week.

When the kids get home Todd teaches someone to study...not sure which.

Once Tess and Bob come home they help the other boys to study.  Tess helps Marvin it looks like, and Bob is helping Brennan.  That means it's Frankie above learning to study.

Saturday things are really looking up.  Everyone had a good night sleep, we had a good meal and fun is had all the way around.  So off to the lake we go.  We pick the one with swings for the boys if they want.

Instead everyone mostly watches people play chess.  Bob does meet a nice girl, the blonde below.  I don't remember her name, but they have 2-bolt attraction.  Maybe a match.

Tess is pretty stuck on herself and does stuff like this all the time.  The look on her face is either about a hair out of place, or the fact her brother-in-law is looking at her.  Not sure which. :)

Todd goes to make a meal and realizes they are out of food.  Not a big shock with as much as everyone was eating.  So he heads to the plaza in Roseview Village.

Among other things they have a nice grocery store.  They also have a salon, book store, pet store, bowling alley, restaurant and other things.

The rest of Saturday is spent like this.  Kids playing chess, and a much needed date for Tess and Todd.

Bob on the phone with the blonde and more studying in the back.

This round was kind of a mess at the beginning but got better when the triplets became children.  They still have very little money, but have started added some art and things to the house.

Previous Points: +12
New Sims: +6
More wealth +2 (113,296 now)


  1. It sounded very chaotic at the start, but smoothly at the end.

    1. That is the truth. I didn't end up getting very many pictures because I was so busy directing everyone trying to keep everyone alive. I got warnings about the kids starving a few times, luckily no social worker though. :) Thanks for reading.

  2. I make sure the kids are fed as much as possible, I haven't had a social warning about the kids in this hood, but quite a few about the pets in other hoods.

    1. Yes, typically I try to make sure they are always fed as well, but the initial problems with road blocks upstairs early on caused lots of hungry kids waiting for bottles from people who couldn't get to them. lol

  3. Great round, and a very hard start with 3 toddlers, you poor thing, lol. I didn't get one toddler in my rolls. At least you had one adult per child but it's almost impossible to get anything else done isn't it? Life will get easier for them now though. :)

    1. HOLY COW! YES! I was so glad there were 3 adults. I was thinking, no big deal, we deal with twins and 2 adults, so one each shouldn't be too different....LOL, it was not how I wanted that round beginning to go. The house didn't help, if you ever think about using it, either don't, or edit it A LOT to keep sims from getting stuck. Still, I was glad to survive with all kids intact and never have to deal with triplets in this hood again. :) Twins feels like it would be a piece of cake. Thanks for reading.

  4. 3 toddlers can be hard! Thankfully each kid had an adult, though! Lol. I notice Bob wants 20 Pet Best Friends. Sounds like you'll be getting pets soon! ;)

    1. Ugh, yeah, I supposed I should try for that LTW again. I have done it once in my original prosperity, which is technically still going. I hate when I get those so early on in the birth of the hood. No one has money to get into pets. :) Thanks for reading.

  5. Holey Moley....three kids, but luckily you had the three adults to match. Wonderful round. Yeah, I know that house you have going there....I used it as a house in University. Didn't like it....I haven't played it since.

    1. The house is set up in a TERRIBLE way. I managed to mostly "fix" it so it was playable, but man was it rough. I'm just glad everyone survived, and no one got taken. I was glad there were 3 adults, not that it helped the routing issues upstairs having more people trying to feed the toddlers all the time. :)

    2. I find a lot of the EA houses are not exactly laid out for the best play. I think it is because they wanted the players to get in there and change things, learn how to build and make their own comfort zones.

    3. That could be, and would be a reason why it's so rough. Also could explain terrible grow up outfits. They want you to take them shopping. :) I have tried to use many Maxis made houses, but as the family gets money they do tend to be remade.