Sunday, January 17, 2016

Season 2: The Svajone Family

Svajone Family
Tanner Svajone: Male Teen | Pleasure | Taurus | Become Game Designer

Last Time: The last time we saw Tanner he was working through living by himself and trying to handle the pressures of school, holding down a job and making ends meet.

To start off Tenner wanted to throw a party on Sunday, so he invited nearly everyone he knew.  Most of them showed up.

Tanner became best friends with Darin Ramiel during the party and it ended up as a good party.

Trying to find someone else to talk to and get to know we had Tanner head down to the bowling alley.  There weren't many people there so he did a little bowling and went home.

When he got home we stopped and greeted Tosha Go.  They talked a bit and then she left.  There isn't much there for them.

Tanner invited his friend Meadow over and they became best friends.  During a snow ball fight Tanner started looking at her a little differently.

After they came inside we find that Meadow was thinking the same and both kids fall in love.  There is only one-bolt of attraction but since Tanner's turn-ons are Zombiism and Witches who aren't also cursed with Lychanthropy this could possibly be adjusted later.

Meadow brought a piano to the house, which got loaded into Tanner's backpack for later use after college.

Then, on the final day of being a teenager Tanner came home fired from a chance card....again  So he didn't get any sort of scholarship for a job, but he's done decently as a teenager, and has a love to come to college with him.

Previous Points: +19
New Sims: +1 (Meadow Thayer- I'm counting her now since he's moving to the dorm now)


  1. shame about losing the job on a chance card. I am trying not to much of the original cast like Meadow and those one into my hood as want a variety of people. That I haven't used before.

    1. I have actually never had Meadow or Tosha or any of the "main cast" of sims that pop up all the time in a hood I've made, except for Ricky, and that was mostly to get rid of him coming back. lol I've read about them plenty of course, but never actually played them. So I figured, she was around, he was lonely and they at least had some attraction so why not. :) Thanks for reading.

  2. I think it's nice to see some of the 'regulars' in the 'hood become family members, especially if you haven't played them before.
    Looking forward to seeing Tanner at Uni. :)

    1. I'm excited to get to play these guys. I think they are sweet, and since I haven't played Meadow I'm excited to see what she does. We'll see where it ends up. Thanks for reading.

  3. I have played many of the hood townies, but I have to agree about Ricky. That guy drives me nuts. I married him in early in Prosperity Falls just to "get rid of him" and that nose of his kept popping up all over the hood. Like Meadow's angelic look, served the hood well in the Falls. ;) I am using it in the new Prosperity Challenge hood blog I will be putting up soon, her face template was when I was genetically building my Sim families three gens back.

    1. Nice, yeah, Ricky has done fine in Breeze Point, and he did end up with alien twins, so the genes are floating around some. I'm excited to see what Tanner and Meadow's kids will look like. :)

    2. I always love Meadow's kids. Love her face. :)

    3. She does have a very pretty sim face. :)