Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Season 1: The Svajone Family

Svajone Family
Tanner Svajone: Male Teen | Pleasure | Taurus | Become Game Designer

With only a single teen this house went pretty quickly.  This is Tanner Svajone

The welcome wagon showed up the first day with all Townies.  So Tanner got to know some of them.
They started a dance party.

Tanner did get a job in a teen career but promptly lost in after the second shift due to a chance card. (Luckily with a chance card means no penalty.)

Tanner spent most of his time trying to maintain his wishes and get his homework done.  His social and fun were the biggest fluctuations on a regular basis.

With wanting to be a game designer he started studying creativity.  He did end up with a gamer job, and a promotion by the time the season ended.

On Friday night after school I decided the Rec Center in Roseview Village was the teen hangout and sent Tanner there.  There were a bunch of people, not many teens though.

One teen, Darin Ramiel was there however, and he is next in our playlist.  Being the other single sim house in Clovercrest they got to know each other and have become friends.

On Saturday we headed to Clovercrest Lake and instead of fishing Tanner decided to play chess.

He was joined by Tess Mimoza (who we will see last in the play list) and her brother-in-law Bob was there as well.  Tanner managed to beat Tess.

The season ended with Tanner doing well in school, and at the second step of his Gamer career.  Next round he might head to university, but we'll see where he's at.  No love interests so far, but he did meet Meadow and they are almost friends.


  1. Lol. I like how Meadow is talking about babies at the park & surrounded by all those guys. I'm surprised they didn't all flee! :)

    It would be so hard to play the solo teen round!

    1. That was actually Tess Mimoza, and she has triplets at home, so it sort of makes sense that's what she would talk about. :) I didn't actually get a picture of him meeting Meadow. Thanks for reading though.

  2. I'm torn between sending the teens to Uni during the first week or not. I'm thinking not unless they do really well with skills at Uni won't be much fun if they just have to work. :D
    Tanner did great though, it's very hard on a single sim this challenge. :)

    1. I almost never send teens until the very end of their life. It's nice to give them time to build up skills and relationships with everyone....especially if they are all by themselves. :) I might send them earlier this time through though, we'll see.

  3. Wow the lot went fast...lucky! I too tend not to send anyone to Uni until late. Sending before means you give up skilling time, and Uni then is much more stressful.

    1. Yes, I completely agree. Although I am going to send them a little earlier than usual in this hood I think. They miss out on skilling and social time, but these guys can come back and start getting some prosperity brought into this hood. :)

    2. That is a thought.. Now that I have finished round 1 in my new prosperity, I will have to think about doing it this round.

    3. It's a tough balancing act most of the time. :) Excited to see what round 2 brings for you.