Friday, April 8, 2016

Season 4: The Morpheus Family

Morpheus Family
Mac Morpheus: Male Elder | Pleasure | Leo | Have 50 Dream Dates
Destinee Morpheus: Female Elder | Romance | Scorpio | Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers
Annabelle Morpheus: Female Elder | Romance | Pisces | Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers
Heaven Morpheus: Female Elder | Romance | Taurus | WooHoo with 20 Different Sims
Arnav Morpheus: Male Teen | Popularity | Aquarius | Become Celebrity Chef

Last Round: The elders continued to do things together and date. The boys met people, and at the end of the round Eugene left for university. We had Saturday day at the lake and the teens when on an outing. Mac tried to win a dance competition.

It's a new season once again and we are back at the Morpheus house.  Since Eugene is busy in university it's only Arnav, who will leave this round, and the elders.  Since I really want to try and reach Mac's LTW we take him and Destinee to the town mall to have fun and a bunch of dates.

The elevators provide a new place for them to do plenty of woohoo and it's much easier than a bed, since they don't fall asleep afterwards.

During their dates, and between the dates, they have lots of other fun.  They try out the bowling lanes in the mall.

They also try out the pinball machines.  I think Destinee did better than Mac, but it's hard to tell for sure.  Still they had fun.

Mac also sat down and enjoyed a game of poker.  The newly graduated Tanner is there as well.

 Back at the house the other two elders are doing what they spend their non-romancing time doing.  Studying stuff.

Arnav gets home from school and has brought a female friend with him.  It's Opal, and I cannot remember her last name.  I have used her once before in Breeze Point, where she is new graduated and getting ready to marry her love.

A quick check of these two show plenty of attraction and since they are wishing for romantic interactions we give in and there is a crush.  Opal is a good match for Arnav and will join him in college.  We have enough blonds coming home, time to get some read heads.

In no time they are the best of friends and their destiny is sealed in my book. They will have a very happy life together I'm sure.

The elders all sit down and get to know the new girl in Arnav's life.  Yes guys, this is the girl who will come home with Arnav from college to be a permanent addition to the family.

Heaven finishing, I cannot remember what she was studying.  Whatever it was she finishes and is very happy.

Mac and Destinee head back to the mall for more dating.  Mac apparently is getting crazy and senile in his old age wearing pj's everywhere.  He could also just be getting lazier, knowing that life doesn't hold much more time for him.

The couple enjoys some couple's karaoke and gets quite a few dates under their belt.  They are getting close to the 50, I think we only have around 15 to so to do...maybe less.

As the day comes the couple goes to the fitting room booths to have their fun.  The attendant wants nothing to really do with this old couple doing things in his fitting rooms.

When Destinee comes out she is greeted by Tanner and they share some of the gossip around town.  He has been in university and shares some of his own stories.

Heaven and Annabelle are still strong in their relationship and take time out to talk, joke and play with each other.

Back at home Mac and Destinee continue to date striving for that 50 dream dates.

Arnav made sure to go out and greet people who walked by.

Arnav spends his Friday night at the Rec Center which we are hoping will contain some teens for him to hang out with.

Sadly there are no teens, but Arnav plays pool with this guy anyway.

Mac still wants to win that dance competition so he spends time practicing at home.  He has practiced so much he has earned his Music and Dance plaque.

It's Saturday again and time to go to the lake.  The whole family heads out on a beautiful summer day.

Mac and his grandson have a pillow fight by the statue and the other elders wander off to talk with other people.

It's almost time to head off to university for Arnav so he has one last meal with his great aunts.

And as the summer draws to a close Arnav heads out to college.  He will join his brother and the other kids of the hood.  We will see him again later in the round.

Previous Points: +38
Dance Hobby Plaque (Mac) +1



  1. found time to play yay. Still enough days for the dream dates to happen. Another off the big wide world of college.

    1. Yes, life got kind of hectic with about a billion other things to focus on for awhile, and it's about to get pretty busy again, but I'm going to try and squeeze in as much playing as I can. :) Thanks for reading.