Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Season 3: The Morpheus Family

Morpheus Family
Mac Morpheus: Male Elder | Pleasure | Leo | Have 50 Dream Dates
Destinee Morpheus: Female Elder | Romance | Scorpio | Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers
Annabelle Morpheus: Female Elder | Romance | Pisces | Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers
Heaven Morpheus: Female Elder | Romance | Taurus | WooHoo with 20 Different Sims
Eugene Morpheus: Male Teen | Family | Pisces | Marry off 6 Kids
Arnav Morpheus: Male Teen | Popularity | Aquarius | Become Celebrity Chef

Last Round: The elders dated each other and the kids met other kids.  The family got a hott ub, which was used a lot, and the boys grew into teens.

A new season and we are back with the Morpheus family.  Eugene and Arnav have bought new outfits, which are much better suited to teen boys.  Although they have very similar looks, and from a distance they can be hard to tell apart.

Heaven and Annabelle headed to a community lot and enjoyed a little public woohoo which Annabelle tried on clothes.

On Friday the boys headed to the Rec Center.  It seems to me the lots adjust some based on who you send places.  The first time we came here there were mostly adults, this time there were many more teens.

The boys play some pool with one of the townie girls.  The game goes pretty well.

The elders are all out meeting new people who walk by and being their romancy selves.  The winter is still holding on to early spring.

Inside the loving continues with each couple spending time dancing, flirting or kissing their wives/husband.

A family dinner, with most of the family, and mostly in their underwear is had.  Arnav talks about wanting to get a job and gets lots of promotions.  He does want to become a celebrity chef.

Saturday comes around again and the family heads off to the lake.  There is still snow on the ground.

The lake, which is meant for some good social time with other members of the hood and surrounding towns turns into romance your lover, just like you do at home, time.

Arnav does get into the spirit and decides to play chess with Tess.  She also seems to like this chess board.

I force Eugene to greet Ivy, and she actually had 2-bolts of attraction.  I don't think she will end up joining him in uni, but maybe if he wishes for enough interaction with her.

Arnav, I think, gets invited to an outing and so he brings Eugene along and they head to a cafe in Maplewood.

Eugene doesn't really get along well with anyone, although Arnav does ok.  The outing is only so-so.

Mac has almost reached the max level in his Music and Dance hobby and is wishing to win a dance contest.  We take him to the lot, but because of the random issue where the hobby leader is stuck on the roof in this lot the dance contest can't start.  Mac leaves vowing to come back.

At home we have Mac and Destinee giving each other back rubs, and Annabelle, who earned enough to become a secondary knowledge sim lets that take control and wants to skill skill skill.

A party is thrown, by Arnav and Eugene sits and talks with Tess and Randy(?) at the party.  It's a roof raiser.

Tess and Todd share the hot tub with Destinee and Mac and talk politics apparently.

Mac and Destinee are still dating, and are up over 20 dream dates I believe.  We may end up making Mac very happy after all.  The elders all have started drinking elixir.  Everyone is frequently in platinum mood due to all the dating.

Arnav brought a girl home from school.  He doesn't really find her attractive but he really likes building up friendships.

Mac is back at the dance studio and tries 3 or 4 times to win.  He loses each time.  Some other day Mac.

The three women of the house take some time out and watch tv and chat together.

With the end of the season we send Eugene off to college where he will join Tanner, Darin, Meadow and Tosha.  Hopefully he will meet another 2-bolt, or 3-bolt love there.  He only got 2 scholarships but he's got a good amount of skills and should do fine.

Previous Points: +21


  1. How are you playing your college?

    1. Do you mean in terms of time frame? If so I have 2 times that I will join college. Right now both are at the very end of the round, but as the hood grows I will make one about 1/2 way through and the other at the end. Each "round" of university is for one year. So at the end of a full round of play the uni sims will be through 2 years of college, this way they only miss one full round at home, and then are back at the start of the next round. I hope that answered your question. If not, let me know. :) Thanks for reading.

  2. Poor Mac! He will win that dance contest someday! Heh. Nice seeing all the "love" going on. So Eugene is headed off to Uni. Do you have a strict rule about how many bolts a relationship needs to have? When I was prearranging all the marriages in Prosperity Falls that a didn't come into play. But if I had the opportunity to let a Sim have a marriage that was not arranged, I always wanted at least two.

    1. I am the same. I don't really have a strict rule, at least not yet. There is only one girl in the whole hood and like 7 boys, so I am trying to let them find someone with at least 2-bolts, if it's a 3 bolt they are almost guaranteed. The exception so far was Meadow and Tanner, who only had 1, but everyone he has met is 1-bolt with him so far because of his crazy turn on's.

    2. Oh, I also decided to sent Eugene this round a little early, because at the end of the next round the rest of the kids will go. I'm trying something where I send them to uni if they would leave during the next round, because they don't have a full round of play left. (So they have somewhere between 1 and 5 days left as a teen) Eugene could technically wait one more round, but then he'd be at the same time as the rest of the kids, so I sent him with 6 days to go, this will also give me someone to keep the greek house going without needing a uni townie.

  3. Yes that does answer my question thank you. As you have seen I play all at once and usually if there are no heir at the end of the round.

    1. Yeah, I can't go through uni all at once. It drags on too much for me. I can enjoy it and feel like they are more accomplished if I break it up into a couple play periods. :)

  4. Another good round. Poor Mac hopefully he'll win one of these days at the contest. I'm with you on college, 1 year at a time works well for me in Pleasantview wishes and I'll do that with my Prosperity too. :)

    1. Yep, I like one year. In a couple hoods I try and play 2 years, and by the end I want nothing to do with it for quite awhile. :) Thanks for reading, I really do hope Mac wins a dance contest at some point soon. He's had that wish for a long time, it only leaves when he's dating.