Tuesday, February 2, 2016

University Season 1.5

Sim State Dormatory
Darin Ramiel: Male YA | Knowledge | Capricorn | Become Criminal Mastermind
Meadow Thayer: Female YA | Family | Aquarius | Becomes Captian Hero
Tanner Svajone: Male YA | Pleasure | Taurus | Become Game Designer
Tosha Go: Female YA | Family | Aquarius | Becomes Captain Hero

Last Time: The teens all showed up at university and started into their classes.  Darin and Tosha got engaged and so did Tanner and Meadow.  Meadow started the SS ball rolling and Tosha made it in too.  Everyone but Tosha has a 4.0, and Tosha, due to spending too much time at the SS lot and missing a final is at a 3.4.

We start the second year of university with the kids mostly where they left off.  Tosha is still in her secret society outfit, and is releasing some butterflies she caught.  She does have the nature hobby.

Tanner needed to get some additional skills for the current semester so he went to the gym to pick up the body skill.  There were a lot of student there that day.  It almost looks like a couple of track team members were there....I know there isn't a track team at Sim State, but the girls in the blue workout outfits look like they are track uniforms to me. :)

Back the dorm additional friends are being made in hangout sessions.  Tosha spends a good portion of the morning and early afternoon in her robe these days.

The SS accepts Darin as their next member.  He doesn't look overly thrilled with the induction process, it took him from his studying, which is a no no for knowledge sims.

Tosha back in the dorm has decided to buckle down and make sure there are no mishaps during her schooling.

She even helps Tanner get another logic skill point by playing chess with him out on the patio.  The robe wearing all day has rubbed off on Tanner, or maybe Tanner rubbed off on Tosha.

The final member of our Clovercrest kids has made it into the SS as Tanner gets inducted.  He is quite happy to be a part of the society.

Tanner and Darin play darts in the roof room and discuss their friendship and how they are best friends.  Being the only single sims in the hood, and both teens they are kindred spirits.

After the end of the semester the kids finally have enough money (from using the SS counter-fitter and buying art they brought home and sold) to buy the empty large house to become a greek house.  This is the same house that Fellowship One uses, although I've made some additional changes to the inside. Welcome to Var-Oresha-Fruhm.

The kids didn't have a ton of money to really add a lot to the house, but they did put a couple of computers in to start on term papers.  (AN: I had something strange happen that I never noticed before.  Maybe it's something with a CC of some kind, but I haven't really added anything.  The boys both started a term paper.  Tanner got part of the way through it and I had him go to finish.  I never checked if either boy finished, but I never got a notice they completed the term paper, they didn't get the benefit, but neither had the option to continue writing one.  Has anyone else ever had this happen?  These were the standard Maxis computers.) 

The girls played some chess outside.  I was such a nice day.

Someone wanted to throw a toga party, and so one was held.  It ended up being a very good party and the kids all had fun.

Someone got invited to the Music & Dance secret lot, probably Tanner or Meadow as they were dancing at the time.

Darin left and returned from campus with a nice stereo.  This was good because they didn't have a great one before.  Something has been upgraded!

Meadow, also a nature lover, caught some lighting bugs and watched them for awhile.  She eventually let them go.

Trying to build up some points towards hobby plaques Meadow and Tosha headed to the nature secret lot.  Meadow fed and watched the fish for awhile and the girls had fun.

A thunderstorm showed up and as the girls were leaving Tosha got struck by lightening.  She wouldn't go home until she peed on the ground.  Poor Tosha, but she got back to the greek house and is doing better now.

The kids are all doing well and everyone got perfect grades this year.  Next round only one sim will join them, and these 4 will graduate and head back to the houses to join the hood.

Previous Points: +21


  1. I have had that where they start writing the their term papers, not sure why it happens, just get them to do a few homework's instead and that will raise the bar.

    1. Same here, I can't remember why it happens. They don't seem to be penalized for it.

    2. Well it's good to know I'm not the only one. I only seemed to happen when they got up beyond 85% or more. Usually I just make sure they are in good enough shape to get it done all at once. They were fine, just had them do a few extra homework assignments, but figured I'd ask anyway. :)

  2. Nice Uni update! You know, I've NEVER done the Secret Society! I should look into that to see how to accomplish that. :) Poor Tosha!

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed. I felt bad for Tosha, it was my own fault for not paying closer attention. The SS isn't too hard, you just have to become friends with 3 SS members. Once you get one or two in it's much easier, because those guys count as being members so your household, as long as they are friends, help get each other in. :)

  3. I've not seen that with the term paper before, but I do usually influence someone else to do it then join in at 60% (in Fall) or 80+% the rest of the seasons.
    I do love that Greek House, it's my favourite college lot to play once it's tweaked a bit here and there.

    1. Yeah, it's the best Greek House I've found. I've played a few, and made one on my own in Breeze Point that got adapted over time from one of the tiny houses available, but none strike me quite as much. Plus, there is a lot of room to put fun things outside, and expand the house if needed. This isn't fully adjusted the way I would want, but I'll get there.