Sunday, January 24, 2016

University Season 1

Sim State Dormatory
Darin Ramiel: Male YA | Knowledge | Capricorn | Become Criminal Mastermind
Meadow Thayer: Female YA | Family | Aquarius | Becomes Captian Hero
Tanner Svajone: Male YA | Pleasure | Taurus | Become Game Designer
Tosha Go: Female YA | Family | Aquarius | Becomes Captain Hero

Darin and Tanner have moved from Clovercrest to Sim State University and brought their love interests Tosha Go and Meadow Thayer with them.  They end up in some dorms until they can manage to get enough money to move to an independent house and turn it into a greek house.

As usual the arrival outfits for most of the sims are not what we would imagine them wearing.  This will change once kids pick out their rooms. (The purple dress girl is not a playable.  Tosha is the last one and coming out of the building.) 

They arrive at the shops on campus and since Meadow is the only one I don't feel needs a big change she stops and talks with the secret society member.

Tosha's is apparently the only make over I actually took a picture of, but I think she looks great with the longer hair.

Back home you get a chance to see Darin and Tanner's new looks.  Darin and Tosha finally fall in love.  They were crushing when they moved to uni.  Other than Darin each of the playable sims rolled a wish to get engaged to their intended.

Dorm life has the kids talking to lots of people.  Tanner is there in the red shirt talking to the boy on the couch.

Tosha and Darin go to one of the uni locations and she also meets and greets a couple of the secret society members.  At this point I thought Tosha would be the first to get in.

After chatting with people for awhile they decide to jam out.  Sadly no one comes to watch them so they don't get any tips.

Back at the dorm, and contrary to this pictures, real studying is going on. However, here three of the four Clovercrest kids enjoy a breakfast.

The kids did manage to all finish the first semester with 4.0's all the way around.  Tanner and Tosha play kickball with this girl from their dorm.  She is actually in the SS and so we are trying to be friends.

Later, since Darin is also now rolling the wish to get engaged to Tosha, all the rest still hold their wishes as well, we have Tanner and Meadow get engaged.  He held the want, no fear about it, but he is a pleasure sim so apparently it wasn't a very good feeling for him.  She will make him happy though.

On the other hand Darin and Tosha couldn't be happier.  They are both 3-bolts, although Darin also has 3-bolts with Meadow so either choice probably would have worked for him.  Still, they are engaged and happy about it.

Then I was very surprised to find that Meadow was actually the first taken to the SS.  They came and got her late at night as I was trying to send her to bed.

Congrats Meadow.  She spent some time there counter-fitting money, and purchasing an expensive painting which she stuck in her backpack to take home.  It's money for the greek house.

True to form, once you get one sim into the SS the effect begins to snowball.  Tosha gets taken the next night.

Congrats Tosha.  While she was busy counter-fitting money herself I either missed it, or it never popped up that her final was occurring.  Sadly this meant that Tosha missed her final and even though she was at the highest point she could be for the semester she ended up with a C+.

As the hood grows we will have some additional houses now and come back for the second year of uni, but since we are still at a small number of houses we will be back for sophomore year soon.

Previous Points: +21
2 Sims in SS: 0 points (for now, there is 50% of students in)


  1. I must make friends more in uni, I have only two in Uni at the moment and one of the ltw is woohoo twenty sims, si I am just trying to do that while at Uni. And the person I want her to be with is at Uni with her too.

    1. The way I make friends works great if they don't live with you. I have my sims call 3 people each day. One or two of those phone calls is to the lowest level friend (or 2) and then the last one or two go to the next closest person to being a friend who isn't...although sometimes I call a person I want to be friends with. It maintains the friends you have, and builds up their scores while also letting you build on one or two new ones. Within a few days there is usually at least one new friend. It's the only way I survive pop sims most of the time. :)

  2. Wow what a way to do Uni. Love to get in SS...lots of fun.

    1. It's working so far, but I was bummed for Tosha missing that final. I knew it was coming up, but didn't realize she had missed it until the message came up.

  3. What a shame for Tosha missing that final. How annoying. Maybe she can hack herself some better grades at the SS? ;)
    I love to get my Sims in the SS, then I smartglass every Sim on the lot until they are friends- 8 or 9 friends right there.

    1. Nice, I never think to use the smart glasses for anything. lol The SS is good. I couldn't remember if hacking grades helps the over all grade, or just the level for that semester. I might have her hack her grades, they don't have to be at the SS to do that now that she's in. She was ready for her final it was my fault. :)