Thursday, February 18, 2016

Season 3: The Mimoza Family 2

Mimoza Family
Bob Mimoza: Male Adult | Popularity | Aries | Have 20 Simultaneous Pet Best Friends

During the very beginning of the Mimoza update Bob moved out to find his own place.  He moved right across the street from the rest of his family, but the first day came home fired.  He went to look for a new job, and ended up getting his old job back.

He decided to celebrate by accepting an outing invite from the blonde he had originally thought would become his wife.  They are fun friends now.  We tried a new place I haven't taken sims to before.

The outing had fun, but there were some weird issues with this lot.  I sent everyone home and did some editing to the lot.  Hopefully next time we visit here it will be better.

Finally Bob was able to greet Carla, the island girl he had fallen for last round.  She had taken quite a trip to come visit him but he didn't plan on letting her leave.

Carla agreed to move in, and they went down to get her some new clothes.  No need to be in island girl garb unless she wanted to be.

Carla Reamon
LTW: Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends
Turn Ons/Off: Fitness and Red Hair NOT Fatness

She liked her new look and so do I.  Her lips are her most prominent feature, but she isn't a bad looking sim. She will help add new little dark haired kids to the neighborhood. :)

Back at home we greet nearly everyone that comes over since these are two pop sims.  Bob works on greeting every animal that walks by to start working on his pet friends.

Bob doesn't want to wait and asks Carla to marry him.  She says yes, but has a red memory from it.  I look at her memories and she didn't fear it.  Then I look at her fears and she fears Bob leaving her at the alter.  Seems like she's worry he's going to change his mind.  It's sweet to me that she's worried, but Bob only wants her.

Well that and pet friends.  This dog comes by a few times and Bob tries to get to know him a bit more.  I don't think they are quite friends, but I'm hoping we'll ge there.

The day finally comes for the wedding and all of Bob's family and friends are invited.  Carla doesn't have any family left, and doesn't have many friends, but her one island girl friend is invited.  I don't remember if she came.

The wedding arch is up and the couple gets ready and waits for the crowd.  Carla looked beautiful in her mother's wedding dress.  Carla said it was the only thing she had left of her.

There wasn't a lot of money to spend on frills, like chairs, so once everyone is in place the wedding begins.

And a tickle session at the end seals the deal.  Carla Reamon is now Carla Mimoza.  She is happy to be married, and I'm sure relieved that Bob didn't change his mind.

Cake was shared, quietly, as a small moment between the couple.  Everyone else was inside dancing the night away.

After a wonderful wedding party the couple heads out on their honeymoon.  Bob was going to suggest heading to her home island, but Carla wanted to see the mountains.

Since they didn't think camping seemed right for their honeymoon they decided to go get a small cabin that was close by to the things they wanted to do.

Bob got them all checked in and they unloaded everything into the cabin.  Then it was time to head out on some adventures.

They took a tour and Carla snapped a photo of Bob and their tour guide along the way.  It was fun.

Then while Bob learned a new massage technique (Carla did to afterwards) Carla learned to slap dance.  She already Hula's so now both dance will spread through the hood.

Then it was time for some food.  What better thing to eat in a mountain getaway then flapjacks hot of the....stove.

Carla spent some time that night back at the cabinet relaxing in the hammock.  It was a fun first day.

Back inside, however, for Bob the first day wasn't quite over.  This was a honeymoon after all.

The next morning over some waffles the couple talked about their travels, Carla told him she would like to take a trip home with him someday to show him her home.

The couples first stop was to try their hands at ax throwing.  Both did a pretty decent job.  Although multiple times they dropped the ax before actually throwing it.

Carla was very determined to get it right.  The look on her face is almost comical.  I'm not sure this snapshot is one she'll pick for an album.

After throwing the axes they checked out the tree rings, and then went to see how they fared at log rolling.  Carla won most of the time, but Bob did eventually beat her before they were tired enough to head back to the cabin.

Some fun was had on the hammock once they got back.  I'm still following my test to see if they try for baby, but so far it seems they either haven't tried or nothing has happened.

That night, on their last night, they roasted marshmallows around the fire and just talked about things they were interested in and how they wanted to live their life together.

It was a good honeymoon and vacation for both.  Back at home it was back to work for Bob and his sister-in-law, who is in the same office, came home with him.  She is very pregnant.

He took some time to talk to his new little niece or nephew.  It was going to be weird not being around for this one....he helped raised the other three.

But Bob isn't going to have time for that, he's going to be raising his own little one before too long.  Carla is pregnant.

Smuttle dancing in the kitchen seemed like the best way to celebrate the occasion.

Since Bob still wants a bunch of pet best friend he greats a small little passing by dog.  They are soon friends.  Hopefully this means he will visit again and they can become best friends.

Finally Bob greets the glowing eyed wolf.  They are starting to become friends, which simmers will know what that holds for Bob later on.

That however brings us to the end of the round for the second Mimoza family and it's time to head back to university to start the final year of the 4 Seniors there.  Next round another baby Mimoza will be born and we will have two Gen 2 babies.

Previous Points: +31
New Sim, Carla: +1


  1. I like new babies. I thought with the ltw pet best friends would get some pets make them your friends, put them back up for adoption and get some more make them your friends and do it all over again.

    1. Once they are in the adoption pool you can't keep their friendships up. They will start getting pets, I plan on getting them a couple and adding puppies/kitties to the adoption pool so Jaiden can raise them, and Bob can befriend them and then we'll start adopting them out to hood members. For now he's just working on the strays until Jaiden is out of uni.

  2. I looooove that wedding dress!!!!!

    1. Yeah, I really like it to. I thought it looked really nice on her especially. :)