Sunday, January 17, 2016

Season 2: The Morpheus Family

Morpheus Family
Mac Morpheus: Male Elder | Pleasure | Leo | Have 50 Dream Dates
Destinee Morpheus: Female Elder | Romance | Scorpio | Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers
Annabelle Morpheus: Female Elder | Romance | Pisces | Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers
Heaven Morpheus: Female Elder | Romance | Taurus | WooHoo with 20 Different Sims
Eugene Morpheus: Male Child | Pisces 
Arnav Morpheus: Male Child | Aquarius

Last Round: The family started their first week in Clovercrest.  Arnav grew out of toddlerhood into childhood after learning all his toddler skills.  The elders dated a lot, and everyone went to the lake.

This round we start our first round of no toddlers, there are now only children, a couple teens, a few adults, and a bunch of elders in this hood.  Hopefully the kids will all grow up well and start having their own families.  Arnav is very close with his grandparents and Destinee is happy to oblige playing.

The boys were not that close but begin growing closer and Mac and Destinee start another date.  They are trying to get Mac as close to his LTW of 50 Dream Dates as possible, maybe they will make it, but we'll see.

Eugene is trying to make more friends so he talks on the phone with the other kids he has met and Arnav works at the easel.

I was having Arnav run out and greet kids that passed by.  Here is one of the Mimoza boys, although I am not completely sure which one.  I think Frankie?

Then Chandler Platz goes walking by and he gets greeted as well. Arnav doesn't hit it off great with either of them.

Meanwhile inside we see a very common sight in this household.  Elders in their underwear, flirting, kissing, dancing, talking.  They do most of this autonomously all the time.  I feel for all 3 romance elders in this house, none of them will likely ever get close to their LTW's.

I believe it was Heaven that continued wishing for a hot tub.  The family final broke down and decided to buy one, partially so they would have somewhere else to woohoo. :)  Mac and Destinee make use of it quickly.

It's finally time for Eugene to grow up and the family and a couple of friends join them.

Eugene grows up well into a teenager.  He is a Family sim (our first in this hood) and has the desire to Marry off 6 kids.  He likes girls in glasses who are creative but not athletic.

His friend, who was also at the party grew up at the same time.  I love her outfit.  So Maxis can give the townie kids good clothes upon grow up.  *sigh*  Anyway, Eugene enjoys cake and grilled cheese on his birthday.

The hot tub gets a lot of use that night as the guests and Heaven all head out.  Heaven really thinks the red head is pretty, but something isn't going to happen with this so far.

Then, before we know it it's also time for Arnav to grow up into teenager as well.  This is a much smaller affair.

He grows up in an.....interesting....outfit.  Arnav is a Popularity sim now who wishes to Become a Celebrity Chef and liked blonde girls who are hard workers, but not if they are in their underwear.

Mac and Destinee are still working on their dates.  All on their own they went out a cuddled under the stars.  Luckily nothing happened, and I have to imagine it was cold on the snowy ground but they seemed to enjoy it.

Previous Points: +19
No change in score.


  1. I love that action cuddle under the stars. I suppose sims don't feel the cold the way we do. Yep a very interesting outfit for Arnav.

    1. I love the action to. I can never remember if a satellite can fall when they are together or just alone so I always somewhat worry. Still it's fun and I'm glad they don't get nearly as cold as us. :) Yes, the boys will be going to get new outfits once round 3 starts, even though Eugene's is better, I still would like to get them something different.

  2. It was a great round and nice to see the 2 boys become teenagers.
    It's a shame for the Romance Sims in the house as you said probably not reaching their LTW's but they all look like they are having fun.
    I think a Sim has to 'stargaze' on the ground rather than 'cuddle' to be hit by the satellite.

    1. I wish they weren't all romance sims. Mac might get close and we'll see what I do with the elders when the boys head to uni. They might make a start for their LTW's then. Still, no likely they will all reach them, time will tell what I decide to do. Managing all that potential jealousy (since I don't use anything to counter that here) would be a challenge.

  3. Yes, Stargaze is what does it...I think? Or cloud gazing? I have had less than half dozen satellite deaths...but they are fun when they happen. Nice play, letting the elders have their romance.

    1. I am trying to at least get Mac his LTW. The others, I'm not sure I want to manage the jealousy that much. We will see, when the boys start heading off to college I might want something to keep myself interested. :)