Sunday, January 3, 2016

Season 1: The Morpheus Family

Morpheus Family
Mac Morpheus: Male Elder | Pleasure | Leo | Have 50 Dream Dates
Destinee Morpheus: Female Elder | Romance | Scorpio | Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers
Annabelle Morpheus: Female Elder | Romance | Pisces | Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers
Heaven Morpheus: Female Elder | Romance | Taurus | WooHoo with 20 Different Sims
Eugene Morpheus: Male Child | Pisces 
Arnav Morpheus: Male Toddler | Aquarius

The Morpheus family moved into this smallish 3-bedroom apartment at the edge of Clovercrest.

This is Annabelle smiling for the camera.  She is holding Arnav who we'll get a look at in a moment.

Here is Mac.  He is Annabelle's brother.  I do see the family resemblance.

This is Annabelle's wife Heaven. 

Here is Mac's wife Destinee.  Annabelle is in the background playing with Arnav.

Here is Eugene.  He doesn't really know his grandparents or great aunt's very well.

Finally this is Arnav.  He is a very happy toddler, and is quick to bond with his great aunt's and grandparents.

Annabelle starts the week teaching Arnav how to speak.  His first word was chair.

The welcome wagon showed up and consisted of neighbors.  I don't think there was a single townie in the mix.

Mac really is a good grandpa and reads to Eugene while the welcome wag members gets to know the others.

Destinee played chess with one of the Yerazig sisters, I think this is Elyse, but it might be Joyce.

Great aunt Heaven was the next to teach Arnav and he learned to walk.

Annabelle helped Eugene do his homework and taught him study tips so he can complete it faster.

A lot of the time the couples in the house (being mostly romance sims) interact with each other and wish to woohoo a lot.  These are granted frequently.

When Eugene came home with an A+ his great aunt Heaven and grandma Destinee were home to cheer for him.

They did manage to have a cake for Arnav's birthday up to childhood.  He did get potty trained by Destinee, and learned the nursery rhyme from Mac.  Mac took him to the cake.

He grew up into a very handsome looking boy.  He pj's aren't horrible either.

Mac continues to be a good grandfather and teaches Arnav to study after his first day in school.

I love when sims autonomously do things like tucking in both of his grandsons.

I started a tradition of taking my families to a community lot on Saturdays so socialize and get fish for cooking.  So I decided to continue this and took the family to Clovercrest Lake.

There were quite a few other members of the town there that day and lots of fishing was done.

That ends the first season round for the Morpheus family.  Next time Eugene will grow into a teenager.  I already rolled for his aspiration when I created the family, but we'll see what his LTW will be.


  1. Woohoo! Family 1, Round 1 :) I like the tradition of going to a community lot once a week to socialize & fish! When my hood got bigger, I used to try to throw family reunion parties to keep the family relationship intact!

    1. Hi Megan, Thanks for coming by. :) I love bringing everyone together as much as I can. In Fellowship One we do Family Sunday, and I use a teleporter to bring all the family members together. Since Breeze Point and Clovercrest don't use custom content like that I just focus on community lots. Although I will try and keep families mostly close.

  2. Good start here with a good-looking family. Almost makes me want to rethink my plan of using very little custom content in terms of hair and clothes and what not. I installed TS2 (all expansions and stuff packs) on my computer when I got it last year (oddly enough I only installed the base game for TS3 and nothing else), but I never added much in the way of custom content. Mainly just the few items that were packaged with the sims from my old Soap Opera Challenge (Sunset Cove) that never got finished. Oh well. I also like the idea of family traditions so I may have to explore that with my own families as it seems like it could be fun. Keep up the good look and I look forward to more updates.

    1. Thanks for reading. Yeah, I have gone years without doing much CC, but I do like to give my sims some choices in hair and clothes. I have gotten quite a collection now, but occasionally have to go clean some out. :)

  3. I love the idea of going to a community lot, I barely take my sims out of their houses so I may try doing that to get them out more, think my sims would go stir crazy if it were an option xx

    1. I understand. I didn't take them anywhere for a long time, but set up a nice lake in Breeze Point (my other prosperity hood) and thought, oh, wouldn't it be fun to see all the town members at the lake. :) So Saturday at the lake was born. I have also started trying to take the teen outs somewhere on Friday nights....figure that seems realistic. Thank for reading.

  4. Wow you lucked out with 4 elders! Still they seem like an amazing family and the kids are too cute. I love to get my Sims out of the house as much as possible too, it helps so much with friend making.

    1. You are right, the social aspects of taking them places are huge. I often leave them to their own devices at community lots, although this time I interfered a bit. They needed food in the form of fish. :) The four elders I was glad to have with the toddler around. They kind of took day/night shifts due to elder sleeping patterns. :) Thanks for reading.

  5. I too have started taking my Sims out at least once a week as a family. After a while in Prosperity Falls I realized that I would play a Sim's entire life stage without letting them leave except for school, university, and jobs. Craziness. This will be a fun read.

    1. I started the tradition over in Breeze Point years ago, and it just seemed like such a natural thing to do. I also realized there were times I never took my sims anywhere. I'm trying to change that. Thanks for reading. :)

    2. Yano, I think I might have gotten the. Idea from your blog!

    3. That's pretty funny to me. It was Prosperity Falls that introduced me to challenges in the first place, and now I follow quite a few blogs, and get tons of inspiration from them, included playing wishes like you started in my Megahood. It's fun to see and hear about how we inspire each other.