Monday, February 8, 2016

Season 3: The Yerazig Family

Yerazig Family
Elyse Yerazig: Female Elder | Pleasure | Cancer | Have 50 Dream Dates
Joyce Yerazig: Female Elder | Romance | Aquarius | WooHoo with 20 Different Sims
Zaria Yerazig: Female Teen | Fortune | Virgo | Become The Law

Last Time: Zaria grew into a teenager and Joyce continued her quest for woohoo.  Visits to community lots happened, as well as to the Music lot.

Zaria got some new clothes at the start of the round. It fits her better than the track outfit she grew up in.  It also keeps her somewhat in the pink style. :)

Zaria liked blonde boys, and all the boys in the neighborhood have dark hair.  We may change their hair later, but for now Zaria checks out the paper boy.

Elyse, not having much luck with finding a man to date to she decided to get a sewing machine out and started making some different projects.

Joyce continues working on building up lovers.  She spends a lot of time on the phone building up relationships.

 Elyse works on her date with this guy, I don't remember his name.  They pillow fight and flirt their way through the date.

Soon enough there is crush and love forming between them. He's not in love yet, so no woohoo has been able to happen yet, but soon he will likely be hers.

Zaria decided she wants to learn how to sew as well, so she sits down and starts making potholders.  Most of them turn out decently, and the family has found a way to earn some extra money,

Joyce brings over Hobart Jeffress, I think, and adds a new notch to her bed post.  This brings her to 5 lovers I think.  Not bad for not having any friends when the game began.

Saturday is here again and it's time for the family to head to the lake.  Arnav happens to also be heading to the lake at the same time.

Zaria stopped to talk to Arnav for awhile, and also spent some time talking with Todd Mimoza as well.  It seems the Mimoza's area always at the lake.

The sisters didn't do much interacting with others at the park.  They punched each other for quite a while, and talked together.

Elyse did give Mac Morpheus a little bit of time, and apparently they talked about his pretty active woohoo life.  For Elyse, who hasn't had much luck in that area yet, it probably wasn't a great conversation.

Zaria held a wish to get into private school.  The house isn't much to look at, and none of them are superb cooks, but Joyce feels confident in her ability to woo and when the headmaster comes over she puts on some spectacular glasses to talk with him.  This ended up being a terrible idea, as she failed miserably in wowing the headmaster in this way. (A fun note, I had her interact with him first to make sure he would be open to her conversation, and he was, but as soon as she talked to him again they must have hit a topic he did not like.)

Luckily, after a quick tour, Elyse had managed to get some fish and cook up what seemed like a much fancier dinner then any of them would normally be up to making. The whole family sat down, and the headmaster seemed to enjoy the conversation with Zaria and Elyse.

After the headmasters visit was completed Elyse head into the row to continue working on her sewing projects.  She was really starting to get good, and while I missed the bronze badge, I did catch her getting the silver badge.

The next day as Zaria got ready for school Elyse called a man she was talking to more often, and Joyce spent her time the same way she did nearly every morning, playing music.

Zaria came home from her first day of private school!  The sisters had managed to wow the headmaster enough to get her in, and Zaria made the most of it right away.

Joyce and Zaria learned some skills they were going to need and made it into a game of chess which was fun for both.

Elyse, busy at her sewing machine was feeling on top of the world.  A woman came in and handed her a plaque for all the time she has spent in arts and crafts.  It was displayed proudly above the sewing machine, and Elyse felt she could do no wrong with a needle and thread, earning a gold badge in sewing.

Joyce, sadly, picked a bad chance card choice and lost her job.  She may or may not have gotten it back right away, I don't remember for sure.

It didn't affect her much anyway as she was busy adding Jason Menon to her growing list of lovers.

The season is over and it's time to move onto a new house.  Zaria will head to college next round, and I had quite a scare with the sisters about 1/2 way through this round when I realized they both were at the end of their life line.  Luckily they had both met many wants and had enough points to add many days to their lives through the Elixer.  I would really love to be able to meet Joyce's LTW, and maybe get Elyse another hobby plaque, but time will tell.

Previous Points: +21
Hobby Plaque (Arts and Crafts) + 1


  1. That's good that you are extending the lives of the sisters, it's so much fun reading about them and their antics! :)
    I admit I tend to use the smartglasses to greet the headmaster only, as you can never tell which subjects they are going to like talking about! :)

    1. Yeah, luckily it wasn't disastrous. :) They are a fun family, I like the sisters too. It will also be fun to see what Zaria does later. Thanks for reading.

  2. I don't use elixir but it is in the game so it is not cheating, and if you get their ltw isn't that worth a few points too. I like Zairia too.

    1. Yes, getting their LTW's is worth a pretty good set of points. I don't always use elixir, but I am not going to let these ladies both die before Zaria gets back from uni and have never had much of a problem with it.

  3. Yay for hobby plaques, and yay for elders having lots of lovers. :)

    1. It was a fairly successful round for these guys! :) Thanks for reading.