Thursday, February 18, 2016

Season 3: End of Round

End of Round 3

Whew, round 3 is done.  We've added an entirely new household, Mimoza 2.  Round 4 brings at least 2 new babies into the hood, and Darin/Tosha, Tanner/Meadow come back to their respective houses and may start families of their own.  Overall university has been successful for everyone, only Tosha missing the one final kept her for the 4.0, and we will add the last 5 (I believe) kids who started as toddlers to the uni roster.

I enjoyed playing this round and am excited to see what the new babies look like.  I'm also excited to see what Tanner and Meadow and Darin and Tosha are able to do with their lives now.  Each of them brought back some painting from the greek house money. (I decided to try something new with my Greek house members.  The first two semesters their live in the greek house all money made get donated to the Greek house (like dues) and then every semester after that the Greek house gets 1/2 and the student gets half.)  Hope you come back soon to see how round 4 goes.

Updating the fun facts from the hood:

Female/Male make up of hood:
Female Sims Alive: 11
Female Sims Ever: 11
Male Sims Alive: 10
Male Sims Ever: 10

Aspiration Count
Romance Sims to Date: 4
Pleasure Sims to Date: 3
Knowledge Sims to Date: 4
Popularity Sims to Date: 4
Family Sims to Date: 4
Fortune Sims: 2

Points Breakdown:
Number of Sims Total: 21 (21 points)
Top of Influence Total: 5 sims (Tosha, Darin, Eugene, Tanner, Meadow) (5 points)
Neighborhood Net Worth: $140,954 (2  points)
Summa Cum Laude: (Meadow, Darin, Tanner) (3 points)
Big Sim on Campus (Meadow, Darin, Tanner, Tosha, Eugene) (5 points)
Individual Hobby Plaques (Elyse, Tanner) (2 points)
Custom Subhoods: (Downtown, Shopping district) (10 points)
Sims pledge to Var-Orshea-Fruhum: (100% so far) (12 points) -- Technically finishing bonus
Secret Society Inductions (100% so far) (25 points) -- Technically finishing bonus
Total Score: 85 points (if adding in the finishing bonuses)


  1. didn't know you could add downtown and bluewater districts as points. Must remember that. Lovely round. Wish mine was a bit quicker. Will start Segundo again on Monday.

    1. It isn't a part of the official rules. They decided to add 5 points if you custom made universities, shopping districts, and downtowns for this competition. Mine isn't going very fast to me, so I understand, I wish it went quicker sometimes too. :)

  2. Great round. I haven't even finished round 1 yet. I wish I had more time to Sim, *sigh*.

    1. I completely understand. I shouldn't actually be playing as much as I have been. :) Thanks for reading though.

  3. Gosh I didn't think about the subhoods. I will have to study up the rules and look at that scoresheet! heh

    1. It's not something that was official in the rules. It's something that was mentioned when the challenge was original brought up as something to do this time. So it's not on the score sheet. :) At least I don't think it is.