Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Season 2: End of Round

End of Round 2

We have reached the end of round 2, or season 2. The kids growing up really helped this round feel like it went a bit faster.  I decided to send Tanner and Darin to college even though it was a little early, they would have gone next round.  Finding the girls to go with them as easily and quickly as I did was very nice. I'm excited to see all these guys return to the hood soon.

We have luckily spread out our aspirations now with adding a few of the ones we didn't have before.  This was helped with the girls that were brought in for Darin and Tanner.

Updating the fun facts from the hood:

Female/Male make up of hood:
Female Sims Alive: 9
Female Sims Ever: 9
Male Sims Alive: 10
Male Sims Ever: 10

Aspiration Count
Romance Sims to Date: 4
Pleasure Sims to Date: 3
Knowledge Sims to Date: 4
Popularity Sims to Date: 3
Family Sims to Date: 3
Fortune Sims: 2

Round Points Breakdown:
Number of Sims Total: 19 (19 points)
Neighborhood Net Worth: $113,296 (2 points)
Total Score: 21 points


  1. I used to keep a male/female list for Prosperity Falls. As babies were born I would add their names, and hook them up. So yes, all those marriages were pre arranged very early on!!!!

    1. I do that to a certain extent too. I keep a list of the kids, and as they grow up try to match them up. I won't normally force it, other than to just control the pop a little bit, but if I can get at least 1 to 2 bolts they are matched.

  2. You do have a good mix of all aspirations now, looking forward to the next chapters!

    1. Thanks, it's nice to have started getting a mixture. :) Glad to have you reading.