Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Season 1: The Yerazig Family

Yerazig Family
Elyse Yerazig: Female Elder | Pleasure | Cancer | Have 50 Dream Dates
Joyce Yerazig: Female Elder | Romance | Aquarius | WooHoo with 20 Different Sims
Zaria Yerazig: Female Toddler | Virgo

We getting close to the end of round 1.  We are now at the Yerazig house which is another house made up of mostly elders.  Elyse and her sister Joyce moved into this small 2 bedroom house and are raising Joyce's granddaughter Zaria.

Here is Joyce.  She is a fun loving Romance sim.  Her LTW is not likely going to happen, but we will try and make her as happy as possible.

Elyse is the more responsible one, although she is a Pleasure sim so it's not much more responsible.  Still her LTW is also not likely unless she finds someone to move in with her.

Finally we have cute little Zaria.  Her mother took after her mom (Joyce) and romanced her way through many sims.  Along the way she had Zaria.  Now her mom is gone and she is left with her grandma and great aunt.

First thing that happens is Elyse teaches Zaria how to talk.  I believe her first word was bottle.  Smart kid.

Since Joyce is a Romance sim and wanting to love many sims we take her to one of the community lots in Roseview Village.  I didn't write down what the name was, but I think it's Rose Cafe or something like that.

There she meets Abhijeet, I can't remember his last name.  They are soon crushing on each other.  This is good, if she can get them this quickly maybe she has a chance.

Joyce and Elyse take turns doing toddler skills.  Joyce gets to teach little Zaria how to walk.

Then she has Abhijeet come over.  They are still not in love, so no WooHoo option yet, but she continues to work on him.

Elyse meanwhile teaches Zaria the nursery rhyme.  They are also working on potty training although it's a slow process without any smart milk.  So far we don't have enough points to get it though.

It's time for Zaria's birthday.  I am pretty sure she learned all toddler skills,  Joyce invites over everyone she knows, and many of them come.  Two guests get into a fight however, and the first with the black hair is asked to leave so there is no more drama.

Great aunt Elyse gets to bring Zaria to the cake.  She grows up great, in platinum mood due to a fun nursery singing time with Elyse right before the cake.

Meanwhile, Joyce has her first conquest as Abhijeet joins her in bed.  They have a good time.

Zaria is all grown up into a child now, and heads out to school on Friday.  It's the only school day she will get this week.

Zaria likes her easel and spends a lot of time painting at it.  She completed one painting already.

Someone Joyce met at the party, Charlie Tang, is invited over and they are soon in love as well.  They head into the bed room and Charlie becomes notch number 2 for Joyce. (Technically she clearly had done this before since she has a granddaughter, but that's just a technicality.) :)

Joyce was a bit busy when Zaria wanted some homework help so Elyse helped her out by teaching her to study.  Zaria is all ready for school on Monday now.

The next morning they all have breakfast together for the first time.  Everyone in this house is actually doing quite well.  Elyse only wishes she could find a guy she's attracted to.  Hopefully we can focus more on that next round.

After breakfast they head over to the other lake in Clovercrest.  This one is Shamrock Lake I believe.

It's a pretty lake and has swings that Zaria could play on.  She had a lot of fun, and the sisters talked to people.

Thus brings the fall to a close for the Yerazig house.  They were mostly low maintenance besides the toddler needs early on.

Previous Points: +9
New Sims: +3
Same Neighborhood net worth


  1. What a good round The Yerazig family had. Tough LTW's for the elders. Zaria is very cute. I love the patchwork bedding you have, where did you find it? :)

    1. I got the bedding from ModtheSims. The one for Joyce's bed specifically was "12 Custom Bedding Options" by Starz. I also have and use a lot of JuniperStars bedding also. All of it is really cute. The elders all have tough LTW, so I don't know how much I'll fight to reach them but time will tell. Thanks for reading.

    2. Thanks, I'll head to ModTheSims and check it out. :)

    3. Sorry, if I had been thinking I would have given you a link. In case you have trouble finding them and see this message: http://modthesims.info/d/279313 that's for the set that contains Joyce's.

    4. Thanks so much for the link! I tried looking but had no luck so this is very helpful! :)

    5. No problem. Sorry I didn't get it to you sooner. :)

  2. My goodness, I can't remember where I got most of my CC from. How marvelous that you remembered! I used to not like playing elders, but since I have found uses for them it has been great. (get those hobby plaques). :)

    1. The elders so far here have been for taking care of toddlers. :) I will probably see if I can get Elyse interested in a hobby now. I didn't fully remember where I got the CC, I don't often remember either, but I was pretty sure it was at Mod....so I just searched bedding and found it pretty quickly. :)