Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Season 1: End of Round

End of Round 1

Well the end of round 1 has come.  It was an interesting beginning round.  Rolling 5 families and none of them really "normal" families made it interesting.  I don't know how many of the CAS elder LTW's I will try for, we will see how everyone does over this next round.

I have noticed there is a major difference between the number of girls vs boys in this hood.  CAS elders add a lot of women, but there are only 2 who may be able to add to the population.  One of those is Tess and she is already married with 3 kids.  So we will be bringing in lots of townie girls more than likely.  Time will tell.

So far, just for fun here are some general facts about the hood:

Female/Male make up of hood:
Female Sims Alive: 7
Female Sims Ever: 7
Male Sims Alive: 10
Male Sims Ever: 10

Aspiration Count
Romance Sims to Date: 4
Pleasure Sims to Date: 3
Knowledge Sims to Date: 2
Popularity Sims to Date: 2
Family Sims to Date: 0
Fortune Sims: 0

Round Points Breakdown:
Number of Sims Total: 17 (17 points)
Neighborhood Net Worth: $113,296 (2 points)
Total Score: 19 points


  1. It's interesting to read the stats at the end of the round. No Family or Fortune sims for you and lots of Romance & Pleasure! :)

    1. Yes, the die rolls for me were quite.....annoying might be the best word. Lots of elders, almost no adults, very few kids. Then almost all romance/pleasure sims. I like playing those, but I also like some variety. Hopefully it will begin to even out.

  2. I feel like all my Sims are Pleasure & Romance Sims! The dice must favor 3's & 6's! :) Great 1st Round!

    1. Yeah, the die rolls were certainly centered on those numbers. :) I hope to get some of the other aspirations soon. I like both romance and pleasure, but some variety would be nice. We will be moving in townie sims though to help the boy population. No female teens anywhere to be found, so they might add some. Thanks for reading. I will be getting round 2 up soon...got 3 of the 5 houses played, just need to post them.

  3. I love your round summary. I might need to borrow that idea. :) It was a great first round and I am looking forward to the next one, which is where I am heading next.

    1. Hi Jen, thanks for stopping and reading. I got the idea of a round summary from jungfrun68's blogs. I always liked the summary too. :)