Saturday, February 11, 2017

Season 4: The Yerazig Family

Yerazig Family
Elyse Yerazig: Female Elder | Pleasure | Cancer | Have 50 Dream Dates
Joyce Yerazig: Female Elder | Romance | Aquarius | WooHoo with 20 Different Sims
Zaria Yerazig: Female Teen | Fortune | Virgo | Become The Law

Last Time: Zaria tried to find a boy to date, Elyse worked on her hobby plaque in arts and crafts eventually earning both the plaque and a gold sewing badge. Joyce worked on gaining lovers. The sisters worked hard to get Zaria into private school.

I had apparently already played these next couple of houses and just had never gotten around to blogging them. It has, unfortunately, been so long since I have played this round I don't know if I'll remember everything that was happening, without further ado, here is round four of the Yerazig house!

The sisters continue to do what they have been doing.  Elyse dancing away and Joyce working on getting another lover.  I'm not sure who this is specifically.

Elyse heads out to do some fishing and starts bringing in some more fish for the family to enjoy.  The fish is really what made the headmaster let Zaria into private school.

Zaria is making friends at private school and here she is playing hacky sack with one of the girls she brought home with her.

The family hangs out in the hot tub that Joyce uses to help her seduce all those men.  It is always a little weird to me to see a family sitting in this hot tub, but they enjoy being in a hot tub regardless of the type.

Elyse is getting closer to her next hobby plaque by getting a bronze badge in fishing.  She is getting better and better at filling her time.

Joyce also works on her hobby's and get's in the "zone" while playing some music on the bass the family has.  She loves playing on this thing and it's no surprise that she has reached this level.

It must have ben Friday night at this point as Zaria headed out to the "teen hangout" of the Rec Center.  She played pool, I'm not sure if it was on her own or with others, but I know she had a good time.

Saturday at the lake must have happened as this looks like the walk to the entrance of the lake.  I do not know what happened for sure as no other pictures of the lake exists.

Joyce spent time on the computer.  It's hard to know if she was chatting up some new lovers or working on her own hobby interests.

Zaria, who is preparing to leave for uni at the end of this round gains some body skills.

Zaria got invited to one of the secret hobby lots, I believe this is the arts and crafts hobby lot.

While she was there she earned a skill and managed to get in the zone.

Also while she was there she met the good witch and had a nice chat with her.

Zaria went out for a hike and came back getting chased by bees.

We finish off the round finding that Elyse must have written a good book.

While I may not have remembered everything that happened with the family they seem to be doing a good job.  At the end of the round, Zaria headed off to university and so we will see her there next time.

Previous Points: +40
2 Hobby Plaques (1 Arts and Crafts, 1 Music and Dance) +2

(this score doesn't include any of the finishing scores so we can keep a running tab.)


  1. Glad you had some pictures of Clovercrest my prosperity hood, got corrupted and couple of other hoods that I played too. I have a new one now which is a B.A.C.C. with lots of mini-challenges that I wanted to try.

    1. It sucks when you have hoods that get corrupted. I have been lucky enough to notice signs of it starting pretty quickly and being able to go get a lot of it resolved before it ruins the hood. I would imagine it's going to happen eventually though.

  2. I am glad you got your issues fixed and are able to play your hood. My hood is so corrupted I am afraid to play it. (Even tho I have multiple backups!)

    1. Luckily this hood hasn't really had any issues. I've had plenty of computer issues, and some random game issues, but this hood has done well. Actually none of my hoods have had really major issues, but that's usually because I notice anything that might be a sign and try to counteract it. I don't want to loose my little sims. Thanks for reading.