Saturday, February 11, 2017

Season 4: The Mimoza Family

Mimoza Family
Tess Mimoza: Female Adult | Popularity | Leo | Become The Law
Todd Mimoza: Male Adult | Knowledge | Taurus | Become Criminal Mastermind
Brennan Mimoza: Male Teen| Knowledge | Gemini | Become Space Pirate
Frankie Mimoza: Male Teen | Fortune | Scorpio | Become Criminal Mastermind
Marvin Mimoza: Male Teen | Knowledge | Leo | Become Educational Minister

Last Time: Bob moved out into his own house to start another branch of the Mimoza family.  Saturday comes and the family heads to the lake. Tess and Todd worked to get the boys into private school, which was successful. Tess threw a party and then discovered she had become pregnant again.

 This is yet another post that I will be making based on some pictures and a few old notes about what happened.  However, when we join the Mimoza house we find brother's playing chess.  This is, I THINK, Brennan and Frankie.

Tess goes into labor in the middle of the night, actually in the bedroom.

She gives birth to a little girl.  Everyone meet Stephanie Mimoza.  She is brown hair and blue eyes like her mother.

They boys, at least two of them, love sports.  We see some of the family playing soccer in the side yard.  I think that's one of the boys and a friend from school.

Todd comes home with a promotion again.  I believe that takes him back to where he was before the end of last round where he got demoted.

Todd is a very good dad to Stephanie and makes sure to cuddle her when he gets home from work.  The Mimoza's don't' really want any more children.

Tess has returned to work after having the baby and gets a promotion herself.  It could be due to all those friends she keeps up with on the phone.

Ever the popularity sim Tess wanted to throw a party for Stephanie's birthday so all the friends they could find were invited over for the party.

Arnav and Opal (I believe) are invited to the party.  They had been in crush mode at the end of Arnav's house and now have fallen in love.

The party continues inside, and as all Tess' parties tend to do, it's become a dance party.  Even Carla, Bob's new wife is dancing away.  She should have her baby this round once we reach their house.

Finally, it's time for cake.  Tess brings baby Stephanie to her cake and magically she become a toddler.  She's a very cute little toddler and I like her dress.

Tess begins teaching her to walk as the party still continues in the other room....or it's a new party.  With Tess it's hard to tell, she is a party animal.

It's well attended, however, and everyone seems to be having a good time.

Siblings skilling away.  We see Stephanie working with the rabbit head to build up charisma, and one of her brothers is busy gaining logic.

One of Stephanie's brothers....I want to say Marvin??....sits down and teaches her a nursery rhyme.  She loves her brothers.

Dad, I think....the males in this family look too similar!, sings with her after she has learned it.  Todd is a very attentive dad to his little girl.

The boys get invited for an outing somewhere, and they have a good time attending.

Todd sits down and plays with Stephanie as she gets more skills in Charisma.  By the end of this round, she has 6 total Charisma skills.

The boys take turns using the single computer in the house.  Mostly it's used for browsing their interests, like sports.

No longer, however, because the three boys are off to college.  Tess waves goodbye to her three boys as they load into their taxis and head off to university.

This family was so big and had so many things going on.  It's good I took a lot of pictures because it helped me remember what was happening.

Previous Points: +42
1 new sim (Stephanie): +1
Neighborhood Wealth Increased: +1

(this score doesn't include any of the finishing scores so we can keep a running tab.)

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