Sunday, January 17, 2016

Season 2: The Ramiel Family

Ramiel Family
Darin Ramiel: Male Teen | Knowledge | Capricorn | Become Criminal Mastermind

Last Time: The last time we saw Darin he worked on getting into the private school and succeeded.  He was a pretty successful teenager and went to the lake on Saturday.

We start the winter season and things are still going well for Darin.  He gets a promotion at work and is closer to his dream.

While heading back from being at the mall Darin stops and talks to Tosha Go.  We realize that they have 3-bolts of attraction.  So Darin takes some more time to get to know her better.

Darin spends some time having fun and studying.  His knowledge aspiration is really taking hold and he loves to study.

Before the end of the season Darin starts hanging out more with Tosha  and they are getting closer.

Soon they are crushing on each other and they are close to being best friends.  Since they have to be best friends to bring her to college with him they keep working at it.

Darin still brings other kids home with him from school and has made quite a few friends.  He plays chess or watches tv with most of them.

Finally Darin heads off to college.  He did get to be best friends with Tosha Go and she will be joining him in college.  We will see him towards the end of the round.

Previous Points: +20
New Sims: +1 (Tosha Go- I'm counting her now since he's moving to the dorm now)


  1. see originals as I call them. But a three bolt attraction you cannot ignore. I hope you enjoy playing university.

    1. Yep, I know the ones you are talking about. Like I said though, I've never actually played them before myself. Plus, yeah, 3-bolts you just can't ignore. I was really surprised, but hey, why not. :) I hope to enjoy uni as well. It's not always my favorite, but I'm hoping I can make it fun for myself.

  2. Darin & Tosha will make a good couple I think. She's an adult in my Pleasantview Wishes but I've never actually added her to a family yet. :D

    1. I knew he liked blondes, so he was meeting and checking out every blonde girl and then Tosha was a 3-bolt interest. So I just went, ok, if we can make her a best friend before you leave you can bring her. He brought home from school two days later and best friend was easy. I think they are meant to be together. :) Thanks for reading.

  3. Tosha is a sweetheart to play. I vote for Darin and Tosh!!!!

    1. So far they are doing good. I was surprised by the 3-bolt attraction between them, but wasn't going to stand in the way. :)