Saturday, April 9, 2016

Season 4: The Ramiel Family

Ramiel Family
Darin Ramiel: Male Adult | Knowledge | Capricorn | Become Criminal Mastermind
Tosha Go: Female Adult | Family | Aquarius | Becomes Captain Hero

This is the other couple who graduated from university last round.  They are now back in Clovercrest and just like Tanner and Meadow the two move back into Darin's teen home.  Using the money they brought back with them they built up the home.  It's currently only a single bedroom with an office, but they have money to expand when needed.

They still have a tiny dinning room connected to the kitchen, but most everything else has been highly upgraded and they have much better appliances now.

Time to go buy some new clothes and getting wedding stuff while we are at it.

After some shopping, neither really needed a change in looks, the couple went bowling in the bowling alley.

At home Tosha looks at nature things on the computer.  She does spend plenty of time outside, but like the Savjone's it's winter for this house.  Sadly neither Tosha or Darin has had luck finding a job yet.

An invitation for an outing takes the couple away from the house for awhile.  One of their college friends, still in a toga I think is who invited them all out.

The group also contains some random elder townies.  I'm not sure how this group got put together, but they are going to try and have fun.

The couple went to another diner, or restaurant that I haven't taken any sims to and got seated at the big table.

With everything planned out and the snow mostly gone the couple decided it was time to hold the wedding.  They invited everyone they could.  It started snowing but not heavily so the wedding was still held outside.

I loved this hairstyle of Tosha, who looked very pretty in her dress.  Darin was impatiently waiting for everyone to sit down so they could start.

Husband and wife at last.  Presenting Mr and Mrs. Darin Ramiel.  That makes three weddings so far to have occurred in Clovercrest.  Let's hope there are many more to come.

Inside, since the snow was still falling, Darin pushed some cake into Tosha's face.  She laughed it off and they both enjoyed the delicious wedding cake.

All of the guests enjoyed the cake as well.  Their house didn't leave sitting room for everyone, but those standing didn't seem to mind.

In the mood for some fun, the entire party was moved outside where a large snowball fight broke out.  I'm not sure I've ever seen such a fancy snowball fight before.

The wedding party was a huge success and the newlyweds head out to their honeymoon.  Instead of camping or going tropical the couple decides to head to the Takemizyu village.

After checking in the couple wasted no time going to see the sights.  Starting with having some tea.  Apparently I didn't notice the "picture didn't turn out good" message as it got blurry.

 Darin managed to learn how to teleport on the first try while Tosha enjoyed grooming the zen garden.

While Darin tried his hand at the zen garden Tosha went off to ger some food at the stand in the area.  It was wonderful food and Darin made sure to have some too.

On another lot Tosha was lucky enough to run into and learn teleportation from the ninja as well.  I don't think I've ever had such luck on the first try for sims learning this.

Then it was time to learn how to play some Mahjong.  One of the locals was there to help them learn how to play.

After having some fun it was time to get nice and relaxed.  Both Darin and Tosha went and learned the secrets of Acupuncture massage.

After and wonderful and relaxing honeymoon the couple was at home.  Snuggling on the bed the couple, who still haven't found jobs, enjoyed each other's company.

That was all that was needed for Tosha to become pregnant and while it was a bit of a shock, and came at not a great time....Tosha had just landed a job, and Darin still couldn't find one, Tosha was excited.

The next morning we spy the gypsy woman coming by the house.  She wasn't invited for any reason so that can only mean a gold lamp.  Which was what she dropped off and left.  No wishes have been made so far.

The day for the birth was suddenly upon us, just a few hours before the end of the round Tosha went into labor.

A new little boy was brought into Clovercrest.  He was given the name Cody Ramiel.  He's got blonde hair like his mom, but the eyes could be from either.  It will be fun to see how he grows up.

That, however, brings us to the final moments of the family.  Next time a new additional will be added to the house so that Cody can have a proper nursery.

Previous Points: +39
New Sim (Cody) +1

(this score doesn't include any of the finishing scores so we can keep a running tab.)

Season 4: The Svajone Family

Svajone Family
Tanner Svajone: Male Adult | Pleasure | Taurus | Become Game Designer
Meadow Thayer: Female Adult | Family | Aquarius | Becomes Captian Hero

These two were last in university and did well, gaining all the special points possible in university.  They were both founding members of the greek house, members of the secret society, summa cum laude, and big sims on campus.

With the money Tanner and Meadow were able to bring home from university they updated Tanner's house to fit the two of them, and with a little extra room for any new members that come along.

Carla Mimoza came by to visit, and she is almost ready to have her baby.  Tanner whips up some grilled cheese and they eat in the new dinning room.

Meadow joined them a little while later.  Carla and Meadow are able to chit chat about moving here for the first time, and getting to know their way around better.  Meadow grew up near Clovercrest, of course, but living here is different.

The couple heads down to the plaza to gather things for their new life together and get some wedding clothes.  Meadow decides to change up her look a little bit. Tanner decides his look is just fine.

 Both wanted to play with the pets in the pet store, so they went there and Tanner played with the bird in a cage.  Neither wanted to own a pet, or wished for other pet things so the couple went home.

They shared a dinner and you get a chance to see Meadow's new look.  I cannot remember for sure, but I'm pretty sure both found jobs in their chosen career's.

Unlike the rest of the houses, since these guys moved into a house that had been used by Tanner before, it is currently winter.  Most everyone else is enjoying summer. Since so much snow had fallen Meadow went out and built a snowman.

Meadow did get her job, and came home with the pregnant Samantha.  She is a townie, and will be perpetually pregnant.

The day of the wedding arrived, and even though snow was still covering the ground they were holding the wedding outside.  Practically everyone they knew was invited.

Meadow and Tanner waited for their guests to be seated.  I love Meadow in her dress, she looks so pretty to me.

The couple is now husband and wife.  Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Tanner Savajone.

Then the toasting started, as it always does if you buy the bubbly. Many people wanted to toast the happy couple, including Eugene Morpheus.

The couple shared a private moment as all the guests started eating and enjoying the party.

Once the party was done the newlyweds hoped into the airport taxi services and headed off to their honeymoon.

I'm sure while Carla was visiting earlier she gave the couple plenty of tips about where she was from.  The couple landed on the island and went to their hotel.

After checking in, and without even waiting to change out of their winter outerwear attire they headed to the beach to make a sand castle.

The hula was already starting to spread in Clovercrest, so the happy couple join in, much more appropriately clad in swimwear.

In their more normal attire, which still seams too warm for the tropical climate, Meadow raises the jolly roger.

After playing around on the pirate ship the couple visited the monuments and enjoyed relaxing by the running water.

At the end of a busy day they relaxed in the hot springs.  Why Meadow still wanted to use her wet suit I'm not sure...must get her another bathing suit when we get back to these guys.

The honeymoon over the couple headed home and got into a routine of daily activity.  Both needed some logic skills so they practiced away.

Over the chess game Meadow announces that either at the end of the honeymoon or shortly after they returned, she became pregnant.  A new little Savjone is one the way.

We will have to wait until next round to see what they have as that is all the time for this round.

Previous Points: +39
No new points yet